This kit is light enough that everyone in your party should be carrying (something similar) one. The key is just to keep the wound closed and sterile and it will eventually heal without stitches.The latex gloves are new this year since I got my Wilderness First Aid cert. Earlier we just used to had only a small first aid kit with minimal items but now we are carrying a full fledged kit containing all the essential items for different minor and major medical emergencies. I just happened to be reading NOLs Wilderness First Aid last night and noticed that they recommend against a bringing SAM splint because there are plenty of raw materials (sticks) that can be used instead. So, you can run over to the local outdoor sporting goods store and buy a pre-packaged medical kit, or you can build your own which is what we’re going to talk about today.
A small dry bag would be another option, or possibly a small plastic tackle box if your kit contains multiple sharp instruments.

The first aid kit is only a small part of what you’re carrying that can be used in an emergency situation.
Personally, I think a SAM splint is a great item and if I were leading a group, it's the first item I would add to my kit.
Yeah this is the one area I don’t want to skimp in as I have used all the above as well as those in your kit pretty much annually. I’ve even doctored people in other parties when someone in the group has forgotten their group kit.
Reply John McShane February 2, 2015 at 10:28 am # If you are business owner, you can seek the advice of a health and safety consultant to provide you with a first aid provision assessment. That way you will know exactly what first aid provision you need to ensure that you will comply with regulations in your country.

Reply Bansi March 13, 2015 at 2:41 am # I represent a travel and adventure company and in my latest First Aid for Wilderness workshop, I learned the importance of a proper first aid when you are out there in wilderness. Duct tape – duct tape doesn’t seem like a common thing to find in first aid kits but they can be useful when binding splints and other injuries.

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