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Be GREENThe Busy Mom's Guide to a Hygienic KitchenLet's face it- out of all the rooms in your home, your kitchen probably sees the most action. I use the super cute Disney Baby line of apparel and essentials at Walmart as the base for my on-the-go baby survival kit gift for new mamas in our life. I found the Disney Baby items in the baby section against the wall, and loaded up on Lion King items. I love keeping my on-the-go survival kits in plastic bins with lids, and packaged this gift in one, too. First, let me introduce you to the recipient of this New Mommy Survival Kit: my dear friend, Laura! Thanks for being my partner in crime on this one, B, and for coming up with the idea for a New Mommy Survival Kit in the first place! Those little notes were definitely the most fun part of putting together this Survival Kit.

Yes, we knew that the baby would be getting a lot of gifts, so we wanted to ensure Laura had some items specifically for her and her alone. These are nice because you can take the lid off and have easy access to everything in your mom survival kit. And the on-the-go baby survival kit is my favorite to gift others as it sets those new moms up to think ahead for any eventuality. Our former babysitter has a special place in the kids’ hearts, and will be etched there forever. Baby wipes can clean bottoms, inevitable spills, sticky fingers and faces, and so much more. They can act as wet bags for soiled clothes and burp clothes, trash bags for stinky diapers, and even treasure collectors for your baby’s older siblings who like to collect pretty rocks or pine cones.
From nonperishable snacks to baby supplies to first aid kits…it’s all there for a great price. I grabbed a super-soft fleece giraffe blanket that came with Baby Simba’s arms wrapped around it – a special toy and warm blanket in one! Now our sweet baby sitter turned mama will have everything she needs to handle any crazy, unexpected moments while out and about, and she’ll be reminded of my kids and their movie nights every time she looks at Baby Simba.

I love that it is not just stuff for the baby, but also a few thoughtful pampering gifts for the new mom-very important too.
Since the kids have great memories of watching The Lion King with her, they chose Lion King Baby as their theme. I instantly had two no-sew emergency wraps in tan fabric that matched the receiving blankets perfectly! Great idea though, seriously… My cousin is pregnant with her first and a kit like this would be so amazing to mail to her!! I sent her onesies for the baby plus a few little things from their registry as well as some coffee, tea, and mugs for the mom and dad to be and some chocolate and peanut butter candy that she’s been craving!

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