If your car had the majority of the items listed, you would be prepared not only to survive the conditions, but also have the tools to help get found. In the event of an emergency, there is a good chance you may be in your car.  Be prepared and stock your car with critical supplies! Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowA well-stocked disaster kit can save lives in a crisis. This has made me feel so much more aware of how I want my family to be prepared in case of any vehicle emergency. 107 Pieces of Survival Gear for Your Car, Home and To-Go BagOutlined below are three disaster kits--one for your home, one for your car and one in a backpack for quick evacuations.

Perhaps as trusted industry experts, collision repair shops should inform customers what they should store in their car in case of an emergency and why.
I chose cans with a pull-top lid so we wouldn’t need a can opener in our car emergency kits. Relief agencies recommend that homeowners keep three days' worth of food and water as well as a kit of medical supplies and other essentials in the house at all times. Garbage Bags – To clean up messes, or use as an emergency poncho, or as a covering to keep things from getting wet.
So today my daughter drove off in one of our cars, and I showed her our kits and the list before she left.

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I move a lot so some times I’ll add other things too it like rain ponchos, but the essential items are water, food, first aid kit, and light.

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