The objective of Stage 1 is to gain policy approval from the Australian Government to charging for a specific government activity.
As part of the policy proposal to the Australian Government, government entities must assess the risks associated with implementing a new regulatory charging activity or making changes to an existing regulatory charging activity.
By identifying areas of implementation risk, the CRA informs risk engagement strategies and level of documentation. Government entities are encouraged to use the CRA template to assist in meeting the regulatory charging risk assessment requirements.
The Department of Defence is working closely with the GBRMPA, the Queensland Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities and the public to ensure their activities are managed in an ecologically-sustainable way. Environmental impact management - considers the location, scale and risk of potential impacts, options and alternatives. Large scale or high risk activities, while essential to training a modern military force, must also comply with relevant federal and state legislation. A workshop Assessment of the risks of Defence activities in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area was held in September 2005.
Apart from ecological consequences, three activities and associated issues were considered to present a risk of compromising the public reputation of both Defence and GBRMPA.

Current levels may not remain stable, however, and should there be an increase in the scale, tempo or intensity of Defence activities in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, the risk assessments would need to be revisited to ensure adequacy of management measures.
A Vulnerability Assessment: of the issues that could have far-reaching consequences for the Great Barrier Reef. It helps to identify implementation risks and informs the risk engagement strategy adopted by the entity. If the CRA rating is ‘high’ or ‘medium’, then it is likely that the change may be of a policy nature and require approval from the Australian Government. It should be read in conjunction with the full guidance on the Australian Government Charging Framework [ 654 MB] and the Cost Recovery Guidelines [ 77 MB]. Preparation of a Strategic Environmental Assessment, initial environmental review, environmental management plan and environmental certificates of compliance are tools that are used to manage routine or low risk activities.
Importantly, the risk evaluations are based upon current levels of Defence activity (for example number of vessels, area of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area used for Defence activities, volume of sewage discharged).
These training areas are regularly used by the Australian Defence Force and occasionally by other countries for land and sea based exercises including tactical manoeuvres, target firings, amphibious operations, mine hunting and support operations. Some people tend to get fixated on the risk assessment part and do not place enough emphasis on hazard control.

Risk Assess is online software that makes performing risk assessments for Science quick and easy for teachers and laboratory technicians.
Visit WebsiteBlank Risk Assessment Form in Excel Format Down load here: Excel Risk Assessment Template (78633)Use this form to describe, analyse, assess, rate and control hazards or risks.
TIRA stands for Task Inventory and Risk Assessments and is a comprehensive risk management and analysis program, designed to be used by both the safety professional and those with part time safety  responsibilities.
Thoughts of others who have tried it would be welcome  Download the program hereBasic Risk Register Template for recording site hazards and risks including planned controls and before and after risk ratings.
Use this template to conduct job hazard analysis and risk assessments on individual tasks to assist in developing Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS). It covers the use of tools such as ALARP, Risk Assessment Matrix, Bow Tie Diagram, Risk Curves, Risk Registers, Brainstorming and Risk Workshops with some simple examples. This checklist is used to assist in conducting a risk assessment for hazardous substances and chemicals in the hairdressing, nail and beauty industry.

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