Since no one likes to be trapped inside a fallout shelter if a fire happens, make sure you have at least two different exits in your fallout shelter.
After the great Tips section, we have another Paragraph 1 (I don’t know either), listing things you should include in your fallout shelter. After the HIGHLY recommended list, the author includes other stuff you should have in the fallout shelter. If you’re interested in more photos like this one, head over to the Wisconsin Historical Society, and take a gander and this and other fallout shelter-ish material. Although it may not seem like the ideal place to start a life of wedded bliss, in 1959, Maria and Melvin Mininson began their bliss doing just that–spending their honeymoon in a fallout shelter. I love dioramas and this is basically a life-sized one of a fallout shelter (!), which you all know by now are one of my favorite things in the world.

The shelter itself looks to be the basement variety (I could look it up in the Life magazine this is from, but it’s Labor Day weekend, and the lazy is strong with me).
I hope this shelter was designed to only ride-out the actual blast, because I’d rather take my chances out in the thermonuclear hellscape than being packed in the shelter during the End Times. Here’s the first step for building a fallout shelter, complete with a zombie cross-eyed guy doing the thinking, which definitely sets the tone as totally legit for the whole piece.
Which if I’m being honest, the only reason I want to buy a house with a yard, is so that I can construct a shelter.
I wrote a longer, prettier article about the fallout shelter honeymoon among other things in the Apocalypse issue of Lucky Peach.
So, I thought we’d take a look at modern fallout shelters rather than the normal Cold War era fun we have.

Contest winners would spend two weeks in a fallout shelter, and if they made it, they’d get an actual honeymoon in a tropical local. The nuclear nature of the world has not exactly moved on to complete peace and harmony, and yet the fears of an attack that would require this type of shelter seems mostly forgotten.
Or is she the hot babysitter, or passerby you whisked away to your fallout shelter when the siren screamed. She better pack plenty of those when all of you head for that metal can shelter, you’ve got there.

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