The Ministry of Environment and Forests has decided to step in, though late in the day, asking the Uttarakhand government to stop any construction along the river bank. In addition, many local developers get into the business of hotels and guest houses in states such as Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, violating many building rules, to be able to make quick bucks, another realtor pointed out.However, Naredco (National Real Estate Development Council) Director-General R R Singh argued that the current disaster was due to landslides and that there was no problem with real estate development in the region. Often these disasters leave survivors (many who have been injured in the disaster) traumatized by the experience and uncertainty of any future life filled with hope. The fundamental goals of disaster response are to rescue from immediate danger, stabilize the physical and emotional condition of the survivors, and to reach out and show those communities the healing power of Gods love. IAM provides direct emergency support immediately following a disaster with emergency services such as blankets, food, cleaning supplies, and relief kits.

This approach goes hand in hand with IAM’s vision of providing and coordinating effective and efficient assessment of the disaster relief needs of the victims in order to restore essentials life sustaining necessities.
Frequently, many of those affected by disasters are left displaced without adequate shelter, food, water and other necessities to sustain life.
The major problem for us is communications, because the only mode to conduct rescue work is through air or by foot,” said J K Sinha, member, National Disaster Management Authority. IAM seeks to provide effective, long lasting and impactful disaster response that helps to facilitate solutions for the immediate needs of the affected communities. Prepare an emergency kit for your car, and you never have to worry about surviving even if disaster strikes while you are away from home.

Depending on your circumstances, you may want to add items like, diapers or baby food for any babies in the family, games or activities for children to play, breathing masks in case of chemical spills, a water filter in case you cannot find a source of clean water, a portable toilet in case you cannot get to a real restroom, and any other items specific to your circumstances or disasters likely to strike your region. Discuss the possibility of emergencies that strike while away from home with your family and how you will proceed in case of any emergencies.

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