Sure, the first Rocky is a better movie, but the fourth entry in the series takes the top freedom spot.
Any movie that takes on Hollywood, the psychopath running North Korea, and “Durkadurkistan” has done more than its part for the spread of freedom. 2.) CasablancaWhile it may be the greatest movie ever made, it is also one of the most pro-freedom films ever to grace the silver screen.
Over 10 memorable weeks in 1964 known as Freedom Summer, more than 700 student volunteers from around the country joined organizers and local African Americans in a historic effort to shatter the foundations of white supremacy in what was one of the nation’s most viciously racist, segregated states. Malcolm X, a man who both terrified and inspired, expressed the anger and struggle of black people for freedom in the 1960s.
The American effort to relieve starvation in Soviet Russia in 1921 during the worst natural disaster in Europe in 500 years.

The story behind a courageous band of civil rights activists called Freedom Riders who in 1961 challenged segregation in the American South.
Then a Latin American dictator shows up, kidnaps the daughter and tries to blackmail our hero into a coup attempt. Big mistake. That’s a fair point, but We Were Soldiers is a Vietnam movie that doesn’t malign our troops like so many others depicting that period, thus it ekes by BHD and onto the list. A sobering look at the East German Secret Police in divided Berlin, this movie will show you what an overbearing, intrusive, socialist nanny state looked like, way before socialism stopped being a dirty word in American politics. Watching this movie is like spending 120 minutes at a TSA checkpoint, except you will be enthralled by standout acting and a great screenplay. It reminds us at a time when we need to be told — tyranny will thrive unless all of us struggle in the cause of freedom.

The competition was stiff, but we finally whittled it down to ten of the most liberty promoting, patriotic, generally awesome movies ever.
A generation of kids grew up knowing that Americans have so much heart, even Politburo bureaucrats had to give us props in the end. This movie is so pro-freedom, just talking about its flaws makes you sound vaguely socialist.

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