There are at least eight disasters that may soon change life as we know it, and seven of them are already underway.
Sophisticated economic, political and social manipulation, the increased damage capabilities of war, widespread pollution and technologies from nukes to nanobots to death ray frequencies that raise the possibility for the end of all life on Earth. There is little time to awaken as many people as possible to reality, so they can first protect themselves and their loved ones as much as possible, then work to prevent the worsening of these disasters that could yet unfold, and reverse the aspects in progress. Further, the expansion of fast food and junk food as a share of the dietary intake, with all the chemical additives for flavor, color and preservation, has the public consuming a lot of chemicals with not enough good nutrients.
Ignorance, distraction, mass hypnosis, misinformation and staged events such as war, were the primary mind control tools of the powers that be until technologies made it so much easier for them.
Movies, radio and television have allowed the controllers to reach the masses with powerful manipulative messages, both apparent and hidden.
It appears that the illegitimate fraudsters running the show have prepared the agencies they run for imposition of martial law, as the resistance they have fostered among those who are awakening has grown. If the Fukushima disaster is multiplied, life in the Northern Hemisphere may not be possible any longer. We all know that nuclear weapons are in the hands of those who would like to harm the United States.
Many other natural disasters, including storms, high winds, tornadoes, floods, drought, wild fires, extreme temperatures, deep snow and ice have damaged crops and homes and caused people great difficulties.
Natural disasters range from catastrophic weather events to seismic activity that triggers earthquakes and tsunamis.

HurricanesHurricanes are intensely powerful storms that form in the tropics, with heavy rainfall and winds that can surpass 155 mph. TornadoesThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports that tornadoes most often form in America during spring and summer, with approximately 800 tornadoes touching ground annually.
The Standard American Diet (SAD) has worsened even as understanding of natural health and nutrition has grown over the last century. Weaker plants are more susceptible, so there has been increased use of toxic herbicides and pesticides, and more recently Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), all of which are unhealthy for consumption by people and animals. The bogus replacement of natural nutritional elements with synthetic lab substitutes is also not good for health. Trapping much of the poor and less educated in urban centers, then removing the job base to foreign lands, has created a vast dependency on government programs.
A disaster could come by missiles from without, set explosions from within, or by cyber-attack. The power grid is so interconnected that an EMP could wipe out power for much or all of the continent.
A power outage is the only one of these eight disasters that is not already in progress, but the possibility of is very real.
While certain geographic areas are particularly susceptible to specific disasters, no region on Earth is free from the risk of a cataclysmic natural event. Rotating air within a storm system can form a tornado, which extends from the thunderhead as a funnel cloud, traveling along the ground with winds inside the funnel that can reach 250 mph.

They now seem to be getting ready to try increasing the death levels with a combination of disasters, including an expanded food availability crisis. If one rod drops, breaks or touches another, a nuclear fire or explosion could be generated that could start a chain reaction through all of these rods, even possibly effecting the rest of the reported 11,000 total rods located at this multiple reactor site. These aging facilities are also vulnerable to natural disaster or to various types of attack.
It is possible for a global dust cloud to cause a year or more of winter, interrupting crop production and forcing starvation for many. I have suggested that people form a support community with nearby family, friends and neighbors. Multiple agencies and companies across North America are planning a drill around a major power outage scenario for November 13-14.
It is important to take immediate action to plan for provisions, security and survival, gather supplies and build any shelters deemed appropriate. Most recommend durable assets such as precious metals or land, or asset-backed foreign currencies. A handful of natural events occur on a somewhat regular or regular basis in the United States every year.

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