Join more than 410 smart subscribersMy subscribers are the first to hear about new information products, articles and exclusive discounts! Creative Spirits acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the true owners of the land in which we live and work. Many walking tracks in Sydney’s national parks lead past or through Aboriginal middens, but only a trained eye is able to spot them.
Aboriginal people carried out important ceremonies and meetings within these grounds.Rock engravingsAboriginal rock engravings occur all over Australia. When the axe head stones did not naturally occur in the are they were traded from other places.When Aboriginal people sharpened their axes, knives or other tools, they rubbed the tool up and back against a wetted softer rock surface like sandstone, until it was sharp. The restrictions on private ownership means residents have few options to find work locally and are not encouraged to work towards self-determination.Affordability is a major stumbling block for Aboriginal home ownership, with big gaps between what the state government insists houses in the communities are worth and what local Aboriginal people feel the can and should pay [19].
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Discover the multitude of Aboriginal sites and places and how Aboriginal people used them, sometimes for generations.
For all South Australian film buffs: Don't miss watching Tanna, Bad Boy Bubby a…You might know the wrong facts about Aboriginal population!
In western Victoria, Aboriginal people built circular stone walls more than a metre high, constructing dome roofs over the top with earth or sod cladding.
Some people pay rent for a house that has no running water, no toilet or shower.Ampilatwatja walk-offIt comes to no surprise that Aboriginal people are fed up with their housing conditions.
Aboriginal communities in that state are governed according to a Deed of Grant in Trust (DOGIT), under which residents must live in social housing and are unable to buy property [20].In some communities 99-year leases, set up by the government, prevent properties from being sold. A famous natural site of significance are the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains, two hours west of Sydney.Burial site, burial groundA burial site is a very significant Aboriginal place. Because Aboriginal people needed water to wet the surface of the softer rock when they sharpened their tools grinding grooves (top right) are usually found close to water.Axes were made of hard but smooth river stones, firmly fixed to a wooden handle with locally made twine and glue.

Sand dunes, middens, rock shelters and sometimes specially constructed mounds were also used for burials.Quarry siteAboriginal people quarried rock for making tools such as axes.
If there were rough conditions they made more permenant shelters made out of stone and caves. They used ochre and clay for body decoration or painting on rock surfaces and objects.Rock shelter Aboriginal rock shelter which is still sheltering people today. An Aboriginal elder pointed out this Aboriginal camp site which I would have mistaken for just a grassy patch of land otherwise.Open camp sites are places used by Aboriginal people out in the open, rather than in a rock shelter.

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