This Aamoraa EMF balancer may be used with cell phones, cordless phones, wired telephone handsets, MP3 players, or any small electronics that you are exposed to on a regular basis to help balance the body from the effects of harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) radiating from them.
Wireless and wired headsets do not reduce the problem, they can actually send the EMF radiation deeper into the brain and increase risk. We choose to radically limit or cease cell phone use, and use EMF protection on any sources of electromagnetic fields we are regularly exposed to.
Our Aamoraa EMF Balancer uses the nanocrystal technology, a resin with hundreds of thousands of embedded nanocrystals.
Here is an international meeting on EMF dangers by the Oireachtas (National Parliament of Ireland) Joint Committee on Communications, Marine and Natural Resources, including Dr. An excellent demo using a Tri-Field EMF Meter showing the field strength of cell phones, cordless phones, power lines, and cars. Just place the paper-thin Aamoraa inside the battery case of the device, or tape to the outside of the device, next to the battery or power supply (usually close to where the power cord enters the device).

To help in homes and buildings, laptop computers and larger devices, see our Aamoraa for buildings and electronics and our Rest Shield.
The Aamoraa EMF Balancer emits a subtle scalar energy field that structures the lower frequency EM waves emitted by wireless or wired devices, significantly reducing their damaging effects. Ken Rohla uses protectors on his home electric panel, every phone he owns (cordless or not), computer CPUs (LCD monitors are pretty safe), his vehicles, and his body (using a pendant and our Rest Shield). Unfortunately as with cigarettes and atomic radiation in the past, many people are suffering and even dying from excessive cell phone and other EMF exposure as governments and industry wait for overwhelming public outcry to change the technology and issue health warnings.
There are many EMF protection devices on the market and a lot of incorrect and confusing information about these devices spread by lay people and scientists who do not understand the quantum physics of how these devices work. Initially he did, but the evidence swayed him to completely reverse his stand and become an activist for EMF protection, which the cell industry tried to suppress.
Placed on laptop, cell phone, or other batteries, the EMF Balancer will not only reduce the EMF, but will also make the battery last longer and stay cooler when charging.

The nanocrystal technology in the Aamoraa EMF Balancer is also used in the Aamoraa EMF Cell Phone Balancer we sell. Unfortunately there are people unfamiliar with the quantum mechanics and high frequency physics of these EMF protection technologies who put conventional EMF meters on devices with these EMF protectors, measure the device's EM output, see that it does not reduce the field strength, and then deduce that the protectors do not work.
We can sell any brand of EMF protection but chose these because they have a much higher nanocrystal content than other protectors on the market, and they cost less, providing better value.

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