A Kitty Dream is a metroidvania created by Raiyumi for the Nitrome Jam under the theme "Dreams".
A Kitty Dream is split into three worlds, the player starting in the first world and gaining access to the other two worlds later in the game.
Passing this hallway requires that the player, on the platform right before the spike hallway, jump and move to the right so that the kitty's ears touch the upper spikes, and then dash to the left.
Saving at the floppy disk, the player should enter the next room and then double jump up and dash up and try to land the kitty on the upper platform.

The player controls a kitty who wanders around a dream-like world trying to collect three squares. Upon getting there, the player should jump once to gain height, then as they fall down and are able to jump under the platform, jump again so that kitty's head touches the platform, then immediately dash to the left into the next room. To pass the first one, the player should either jump from the box or the dirt platform and hold until they pass the first spike fruit, which the kitty will fall past. Walking under the upper plant, the player should position the kitty so that the space above it is not a spike fruit, then they should jump up and dash to the left.

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