First, you will need bags big enough to fit a gallon Zip-lock full of food, a change of clothes, and a few extra supplies for each family member. Oh and a finally note, these list downloads are portioned for the average adult, so you may want to adjust them to fit the needs of each family member.
The Mega List of Preparedness: 512 items the Ultimate Prepared Family Should Consider Stocking & Storing. Remember, each kit should fit (in size and weight) the person they were made for so all your kids can carry their own bag. I have even included a list of all the food and supplies you need as DOWNLOADS at the bottom! Before the tornado, listen to NOAA Weather Radio, commercial radio, or television newscasts for the latest information.

Use this comprehensive list and be on the lookout for what your family needs to be self-reliant.
The basic supplies are the same as a the 72 hour kit but you’ll need them in far larger quantities. Make it your New Year’s Resolution to create an emergency plan and a 72 hour kit as a family.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends at least 72 hours worth of supplies for a major disaster. Use The Mega List of Preparedness to identify what you might need in 14 different areas and then stock up on those items as they are on sale. 70 pages of information, tips, ideas, lists, advice and suggestions: all designed to make packing 72 hours kits for your family simple and do-able!

I’m just getting started building my 72 hour kits and your book has been incredibly helpful! If you only have 72 hours worth of supplies, then staying in a destroyed location is probably not a good idea.

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