Anyone keeping a car kit should also keep in mind inspecting and rotating the contents now and then.
That is a very good suggestion… Summer heat especially can really shorten the life on whatever food you have stored in your car kit.
It is important to keep it charged AND to keep a spare charger for your car (and keep it in the car).
Everyone thinks a bit differently from each other, everyone lives in their own geographic area with its own set of potential issues for bugging out, everyone has their own skill sets and tools they prefer, everyone faces somewhat different risks and have different objectives, destinations, and roads traveled, etc… I would guarantee you that if all Preppers could list their kits, no one kit would be the same.

When it comes to my car kit, I tend to overdo it a little because I figure that I can choose not to take certain items with me if I have to walk out, and otherwise I have plenty of room in the Truck to fit what I want.
If I’m building a kit solely for walking, then I would pack and decide more efficiently. My presumption is that I am traveling from Point A to Point B while motoring down the road, with the possibility that the trip could take up to 72 hours including overnight.
I believe though that he is only trying to point out that if the kit were to be designed of only necessities, and with space savings in mind, then perhaps some of these items are not necessary.

The premise though is simply a car kit, to last 72-hours if you had to drive out of your region (which could potentially involve walking with the kit – worst case scenario). For those who don’t always wear comfortable walking shoes, keeping a pair in the car is advisable.

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