Severe Thunderstorm: a thunderstorm that contains hail that is three quarter of an inch or the wind gusts are at 58 mph or higher. A thunderstorm is defined as a storm that contains lightning and thunder, which are caused by unstable atmospheric conditions. Fact 4: A single spark of lightening can reach scorching temperatures of 50,000 Fahrenheit, or 28,000 degrees, and contains 100 million electrical volts!
Fact 6: The city of Tororo in Uganda has more thunderstorms than any other place in the world. Fact 10: By paying attention to thunder and lightning and following the 30-30 rule, you can calculate how far away the storm is from where you are standing. Fact 13: The sound heard prior to lightening is the sound of the rapid expansion of the air surrounding the lightning bolt.
Every year, the Earth experiences an average of 25 million lightning strikes during some 100,000 thunderstorms. You need to be very careful, especially if you live in an area where thunderstorms are common.
Astraphobia is the fear of thunderstorms and, similar to other phobias, its symptoms are fear, sweating and shaking. When moist, warm air rises and condenses as it cools at a higher altitude it forms cumulonimbus clouds, responsible for thunderstorms.
Severe thunderstorms can bring with them heavy rains, which can cause flash floods, strong winds, lightning, hail, and even tornadoes.

Avoid standing close to lamp posts and street lights, and avoid using electric appliances during a thunderstorm.
An average instance of lightning lasts about a quarter of a second and consists of 3-4 strikes. The type of clouds that are usually responsible for thunderstorms are called cumulonimbus (a Latin word which translates into 'rain heaps'). Fact 5: You can watch a storm form from the comfort of your living room by recreating convection, the action of warm air rising and cold air sinking. Fact 9: If you have the effect of electrified hair in a storm it could mean that positive charges are climbing through you and looking to merge with the negatively charged system of the storm. Fact 11: Thunderstorms are most common in spring and summer when the air is moist and warm.
Fact 14: Outside, lightening travels along the shell of a building or though metal gutters on its way to the ground, but inside it can flow through electrical wiring, radio and TV reception systems, concrete wires in flooring, plumbing and telephone lines. To be exact, there are 1,800 thunderstorms progressing somewhere on the earth at any given moment. Thunder and lightning were regarded as diabolical, so during a thunderstorm monks tried to constantly ring the bells.
If the difference between the two is 30 seconds or less, you are within 6 miles (ten kilometers) of the thunderstorm. Even though scientists all over the world are gathering facts about lightning, dividing it into different types, measuring its voltage, monitoring temperature, and creating it in laboratories, it is still impossible to predict the behavior of every lightning bolt.

In 1935, an American tourist, Randolph Eastman, during a thunderstorm asked to stay in her house until the storm ended.
Fact 3: Lightening, a common occurrence in thunderstorms, kills an average of 58 people per year in the US. Fact 12: If at the sound of a thunderstorm you dash under the bed or seek shelter under your sheets you have Astraphobia! Fact 16: People tend to believe that rubber shoes will protect them from a lightning strike, however this is false! When the cold upper air sinks and the warm moist air rises, storm clouds or 'thunderheads' develop, resulting in thunderstorms. Paul Island, near Alaska, has experienced only one officially recorded thunderstorm, - which occurred on 8th November, 1982. These were about 2 by 4 inches in size, and fluttered from the sky to the ground like white leaves. diary
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