Hurricane season (usually lasting from June 1 through November 30 in the United States) can be a nerve-racking time for everyone. Make sure that you have a BBQ and lots of charcoal or propane so that you can cook and heat foods for meals. Store as much water and fluids as you can in your fridge so that if the power goes out, it will retain the cold longer; hopefully in time for the power to turn back on.
Ask a trusted neighbor to let you know when a hurricane will likely head your way so you can be informed when news watching is absolutely vital. A good rule of thumb is to plan about a week's worth of away-time (don't forget the laundry soap, etc.
ATMs and banks may not be operating in the aftermath of a major hurricane and some credit card machines will be down.
If you are told to evacuate and decide not to do it, acknowledge your responsibility for your decision, and do not expect to be rescued later. If you have removable hurricane shutters, try to put them up at least two days before landfall. There is a slight risk of less-than-ideal folks wandering around the neighborhood possibly looking for an empty home to rob. Make a list of everything you will need if you are stranded and without power for two weeks. If the hurricane is only Category 2 or lower, you will not likely need to go into a "safe room" in the center of your house. Double-check to ensure the supplies in your Hurricane Preparedness Kit are both well-stocked and fresh. If your neighborhood is destroyed you will be able to go for supplies or even ride out of the area. Learn how to turn off the gas and power to your home and make sure that all tools needed for the job are easily accessible.
Remember to buy a self powering flashlight so you're not using batteries, but still buy batteries for other battery operated equipment. Fill your bathtub up before the hurricane if you plan to stay, to assure you'll have a supply of water for flushing the toilet, drinking and cooking, etc. Make sure you take children's (if you have them) things, too, such as books, stuffed animals, etc. Remember, hurricanes can strike anywhere from the Caribbean to the Eastern coast of Canada.
The slower a hurricane moves, the more likely it'll be to include heavy rain, possibly causing floods.
Throughout the preparatory phase and the storm itself, do not let your love of adventure overwhelm your common sense.
Don't do what Torontonians did in 1954 when Hurricane Hazel came to town, which was disregarding the warnings. Take highly-valued items with you or, for those items staying in the home, wrap in plastic or place in plastic bags. Hurricanes are not only a concern for those whose homes are in the path of one, but for relatives and friends who may worry about those people. Canned food is the only kind acceptable for an event such as a hurricane; again, make sure the food is fresh.
They will help keep the other food cold and you can take them out one at a time for meals that do not require cooking.

An average 150 liter water heater has enough water to keep a single person alive for a month. For example, if you live in Florida or Louisiana and the hurricane is said to be heading northwest, you'll want to have a route that heads northeast or north, whichever one is safer and shorter. Stock it not only with necessities such as food (which should be in your Hurricane Preparedness Kit) clothing and medicine, but photos and important papers such as birth certificates and shot records leaving (don't forget about your pets' shot records!), pack things that you would not want to be without both for your time away from home and in the event all is lost.
If you will be staying with friends, family, or in a hotel (don't count on it, have a back up plan even if you've made reservations ahead of time) withdraw sufficient cash for two weeks. Leaving at 4am instead of 2am if you need to will still keep you out of the main flow of traffic, so there's no need to rush since any driver needs to stay on top of things especially during an evacuation. Holding a 25-pound aluminum shutter while balancing on a ladder in 74 mph winds is no fun and can lead to bad things. Lock all doors and windows, place heavy, opaque drapes in front of windows to prevent outside eyes from looking in, and if you have them and if you live in the US, load up on several rounds of ammunition for your rifles, shotguns, handguns, and pistols prior to the hurricane's arrival.
If the power has gone out, listen for wind and rain that will steadily increase as the hurricane nears. Often, the major radio stations will have special coverage in the local programs if a hurricane is coming. Fuel is usually scarce after a hurricane, and many stations even limit the amount of gas you can purchase after waiting in line. After a big storm hits there may not be any gasoline available for days or even weeks because of power outages and the gas pumps not working.
This assures that you will lessen the amount of things you'll have to do when the time comes.
One of the most important lessons from hurricane Katrina to make sure everyone in the family knows who to contact (and how to contact them) as an out of area contact.
Hurricane season is not the time to buy flood insurance since it's either unavailable or outrageously expensive.
But this method will use up a lot of garbage bags in a short amount of time; an alternative is to dig a hole in the yard and use it for an emergency toilet. If a hurricane is likely to move very slowly and you live in a valley, head for higher ground. If there is a hurricane warning or watch issued for your area, believe it, no matter where you live. Preparedness is not just essential for dealing with the physical challenges of hurricane season, but having a plan will help you and your loved ones keep their peace of mind during this stressful time.
Many times people disobey warning signs or evacuation orders thinking that if something bad happens they will be rescued. If your family does have special health or medical needs, or you absolutely must have air conditioning, be prepared to pay handsomely for a generator that can handle it. This way you do not have to use up your cell phone minutes which should be saved for emergencies.
You don't want to be running around at the last minute trying to figure out how to do these things. Though not large, a car fridge can store at least a day's preparations and may of course be refilled as needed. Been there done that!And if you’re planning on others saving you – you might want to think again!I made ALL the newbie mistakes when we experienced our 1st Hurricane nearly 6 years ago! You presumably have a limited amount of space in your vehicle and space for humans is needed too.

They're great for personal lights, and the batteries last five to ten times as long as with regular incandescent flashlights. Since hurricane season happens during the warmer months, make sure your coolant is topped off as well. Alternatively, men can urinate into a large sealable plastic bottle, for example a milk jug, and empty it into the toilet when it is full. Additionally, LED conversion bulbs are available on the Internet for more popular brands of flashlights. It’s embarrassing to admit that 6 years ago I had no clue a hurricane was even about to hit us until I saw all my neighbors boarding up their windows. If you think you might have difficulty getting your pet(s) into this room if it becomes necessary, have treats or toys on hand to entice them. Search the web for generator wattage calculators to make sure you don't buy more generator than you need - your wallet will thank you at the gas pump. Also, fill and run your generator with the mixture for about 10 minutes so that the fuel system does not gum up while in storage. I realized really quick during the Hurricane that practically everything I use is completely useless without electricity!Power is usually the first thing to go in any situation, so having an alternate power source can make life after a disaster a little more bearable.  A popular option is a generator, but remember you need gas to keep it going and they are extremely noisy.As big as the generator is I thought if would power my whole house, but I was way off! You really need to figure out before-hand what are the most important thing you want to keep running and get a generator powerful enough to run them.
These 8 games are some of our favorite, and the best part is they don’t require batteries, electricity, or power – all you need is anyone who is ready to laugh and have a good time!Help the kids get ready too by letting them become a Disaster Master, or reading them age-appropriate books about being prepared! Most if not all natural disasters have one thing in common, the fact that one house will stand while the one next door (or across the street) is destroyed, the best advice I could give is very old advice. And I definitely need to add a rocket stove to my list of things to make!Reply 4 Misty says September 17, 2014 at 9:33 pm What a fantastic, well-researched post Jamie! Food Storage Inventory Spreadsheets You Can Download For Free EASY Country Biscuits from Scratch How to Make Perfect Cake Pops Everytime! Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and even blackouts can leave your family in a panic if you have no plan in place. Create a plan for evacuating in a hurry, gathering necessary supplies and accounting for all of your family members.
Be aware, however, that you may have to move to higher ground in case of flooding or hurricane situations. Dealing with the aftermath of a terrorist attack is completely different from preparing for a hurricane. The steps you take in a fire differ greatly from those you take in a blackout.In a fire emergency, for example, the primary focus is on getting out of the home as quickly as possible. By practicing procedures for each scenario, you will be more calm in the event of an emergency and less likely to panic. The children in your family will follow suit and be calm as well.When it comes to remaining calm in an emergency, planning, practice and preparedness are key. This is what happens when you make fun of your husband for having to wear a scout shirt each week.

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