The SAFE-T-PROOF collection of Ready-Made Survival Kits, Survival Supplies and Emergency Food and Water, ensure total preparedness in the event of an Earthquake. Earthquake + Hurricane Preparedness (72 Hour) Kits, Backpacks, Supplies and Here is a list of commonly used names (synonyms).
The aftershocks can be just as unpredictable and devastating as the main shock.To prevent being left helpless and without the necessities of life, now is the time to begin building your survival kit. This large kit contains enough emergency supplies, water and food to sustain a group of 5 for 3 days - as recommended by the American Red Cross. Our 2 Person Emergency Backpack Survival Kit offers 3 days of survival supplies, food and water for 2 people. Kit Includes: (1) Backpack, (2) 2400 Calorie Food Bar (5 Year Shelf Life), (24) Purified Water Packs (5 Year Self Life), (2) Thermal Space Blanket, (1) Radio with Batteries, (1) Flashlight with Batteries, (2) Tissue Pack, (2) Dust Masks, (1) Leather Palm Gloves, (1) First-Aid Kit, (1) Survival Whistle with Lanyard, (2) 12 Hour Emergency Light Stick, (2) Hooded Ponchos, (1) Out of State Contact Card. Along with food and water, the kit features a thermal blanket that may be in a position to capturing 80 percent body heat. But they have compiled a survival kit containing everything that you’ll need to avoid an unpleasant death.

Instant portability for a safety kit that may be ideal for the home, workplace, car or for exploring nature. The point of this article is to help you build your own comprehensive 3 day survival kit for you and your family.
An earthquake survival kit should be included in your survival gear investment.To beat the odds during a disaster, you need multiple plans and strategies. If you're worried about your ability to put together a comprehensive earthquake survival kit, several companies have done the work for you.Quakehold!
If possible, store all of your earthquake survival supplies in one easily portable container or bag.Because of the strong possibility of an earthquake occurring while you're at work, ensure you store a 1 – 2 day earthquake survival kit there as well.
For even greater safety and protection, Life Essentials kits will fit into the Wings of Life Backpack for complete protection of a circle of relatives of four or extended days of protection for a smaller circle of relatives. Each of these 3 Day Deluxe Boxed Survival Kits are made by Nexis Preparedness Systems and come packaged in a small box that measuresjust 8" x 8" x 5".
Finally, in case you get stranded while traveling, you should keep an earthquake kit in your car.

In addition to the normal items (food, water, shelter, blankets), your vehicle kit should include jumper cables.
With items like an emergency mylar blanket, poncho, food and water, each kit has you covered across all spectrum's. Categories: Earthquake Survival Kits, Emergency Preparedness Survival Kits, Survival and Emergency Preparedness. Having a kit prepared will often mean the difference between relative comfort, and being caught in a dicey situation where you and your loved ones are at risk. With only the bare essentials needed for one person to survive for up to three days without other supplies, these kits are lightweight and take up very little space making them perfect for schools to have on hand in an emergency. Learn more about Disaster Supplies Kits by contacting your local emergency for all types of hazards--both natural (such.
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