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If your word is not in the list below, click here for a Chinese translation (it's also possible to transliterate names into Chinese symbols).

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Remember, you and you alone will be the one who will be wearing your tattoo permanently.

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It does not matter whether you are creative or not, you can become involved in the process of finding designs of your choice, by looking up websites that have such designs.

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We would like to mention that tattoo artists are very skilled for doing tattoos designs.

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It was only around 1960s that tattoo ideas began to be appreciated again, thanks to Lyle Tuttle.

Filipino tattoos book

Also let it breathe and get air as much as possible. There are filipino tattoos book certain people who prefer to get complicated tattoos and certain people filipino tattoos book who love to have filipino tattoos book simple tattoos. If you have ...

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A base is the predominant image in your design such as a skull, a flower or a name. These 30 informal designs are really simple and easy to apply on any function/ occasion and event. If you havent heard of them check them out there is another dude ...

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This is usually done by using basic, solid black font lettering and shading to create the name in the center of a larger, usually colored piece.

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Tattoo history was kept flower hip tattoo designs flower hip tattoo designs alive during the European Middle Ages by Asiatic and Polynesian cultures. Like flower hip tattoo designs dolphin tattoos, the enticing flower hip tattoo designs fairy ...

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Glagolitsa (spelled glagoljica” in Croatian and Serbian) is an actual alphabet - in fact, it's the oldest Slavic alphabet that was used from the 9th century up until the Middle Ages.

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Dig deep into these cross tattoo designs and consider all your options first before deciding on one.

Tattoo parlor t shirts

This reverse image is vital since the tattoo parlor t shirts stencil will have to be a mirror image of the design so it appears frontward after applied tattoo parlor t shirts to your skin. King Arthur led his faithful Celtic tattoo parlor t shirts ...

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Tattoos such as the one displayed work as a minimalistic complement to an athletic body.

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