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Decided to check here to see if anyone would want this thing as a whole car to save me the trouble of parting it out. I'm seeing stockish STis go for around 18k, and I'm looking for 21000 with all eight of the Advans or 18500 if you toss whatever wheels you want on it when you pick it up.
Literally every other stock part that somehow managed to make it on to this car is off of an STi, or is an STi part number. That being said if I have a 68 Tempest with a full GTO conversion, would barrett-jackson say I have a 68 GTO or a 68 Tempest GTO clone? I'm sure there would be zero performance difference if you started with an 04 WRX STi chassis but is incorrect to call the car an STi. PS, anyone wondering how these cars work for drifting, it felt great driving it, needs help in the steering angle department, but very controllable, very similar to a heavy, long 240SX.
I've owned this car for over 4 years with no problems, but I am moving to Florida in a month and need a car thats more fuel efficient and doesn't demand as much time and blends in I guess. Broken trunk release cable but I can show you how to open it easy as hell when you see the car.
S Chassis Technical discussion related to the S Chassis such as the S12, S13, S14, and S15. I bought a 240 recently and the previous owner replaced dash and didnt keep the original VIN. I just got through this ordeal, my dash vin plate was damaged at the rivet holes from the previous retard owner swapping dashboards.
The vin is etched into the chassis on the frame rail, firewall, and there is a plate with the production date and vin riveted next to the wiper motor. In PA we don't even look at the dash for verification of vin, we always check door cards and firewall as often times crash cars get new dashes.
LOL they wont seize ur car for having a different front end ur car is from the usa why would they seize it?
After the inspection I ended up with a small tag on the inside of my door to replace the VIN on my dash. I have called and asked question with chp, they explained that they would would just go through car and make sure the VIN's were legit and assign a new VIN. My friend also had his done at CHP, got tired of the extra hassle from investigating if his car was stolen every time he got pulled over . Unfortunately, I'm not a gear head, and while I absolutely love this car I know it's not in me to start learning how to completely put serious work in to on my own. I'm considering putting her up for sale but now I'm entertaining the idea of putting the money I was going to use for another (new to me) used car and pay somebody to get it all going strong again with an SR20DET swap.
I went ahead and left some information below and some pics to give you all an idea of what she looks like. OP: 12k is a good amount of money to build a solid car but that would require you yo do a lot of the work. Interior re-upholstery and replacement panels etc- $4000, body rust repair, under coating and paint $6000, engine mechanical $2000 I think you're there for a pretty good cosmetic restoration.

Now would be a good time to inspect and replace any worn suspension and braking components. Body and upholstery shops can be researched online as that type of work is universal not Nissan specific. Overall, I think you have a good budget and will be able to enjoy your car for many more years. Just remember, that when a 16 year old girl texting rear ends you, your car is still worth 2.5k no matter what engine is in it, no matter how dent free your body is, or how old your paint is. Sure, you could have it insured for an appraised value, but then you would be restricted to occasional use.
If the rust is THAT bad on the rear lower portion, Id really hate to see what the front shock towers are looking like, aswell as the floor boards and frame rails. You can probably find a local 240SX enthusiast who would be willing to help you out with it for much less than a shop, or teach you how to work on it yourself. However, a turbo motor such as the SR20DET is probably not the best idea if you rely on shops to work on your car. Many thanks again to all who have commented and contributed - really can't tell you how much I appreciate it.
I For a 12K budget, you could restore the body to like new standards, and a quality paint job (again, this is if you paid a shop to do this work). Not that it matters, because if you're buying this car to floss your STi Title you're gonna be real bent when you found out you have a racecar with like 20 STi parts on it. I'm 100% sure the new owner would either know or be notified that it didnt start out as an STI. I wish this was still awd as im in the market for another subaru as a track car for rallyx. It'd be nice to see someone drive it all together, but its kinda not worth the hassle to sell to someone whos gonna hassle me about stuff like it not having a pink sti badge on the trunk or something. I really do not want to get rid of this but its the smart thing to do right now, I am asking 8,000 OBO or trade for whatever you might think is good plus cash of course. I have also asked some question and i have to take it in to get inspected and if all checks out, which it should, then i get a new VIN on the car (Blue Tag) and no problems. I did need to bring the replacement dash with its original VIN attached and my car with its original dash in place. Dood just go to your local CHP and they will check VIN on car everywhere , you can explain they will give you a new tag end of story. She was literally my first and only car since the age of 16 (now 34) and I'm completely torn with what to do with her. Half of me thinks I need to move on while the other half wants to set it on fire before letting another person peel it away from my cold dead fingers. A real quality restoration of any car, done by a shop, could start at around 20-25k (this is a lower estimate).
It looks like you've used this car a lot, and built tons of memories, but bringing it back to original spec, let alone an engine swap, would cost a mint if you don't do the work yourself.

Buy a reliable and inexpensive daily first, and then the key is to do tons of research about shops, prices, parts etc.
I'd say you're definitely looking at a 6 month project at the very least as I assume you're a hard working adult with tons of other responsibilities.
As the one person mentioned a complete restoration would be into the tens of thousands of dollars.
Things like pad, rotors, bushings, springs and shocks to maintain the car's safety, comfort and practicality.
However, for the engine and suspension work, I suggest you find a shop local to yourself that is familiar with these cars and the SR20.
Again, you could either refinish the ones you have, find another set in better condition or get aftermarket wheels. That's the problem with these cars: it's difficult to insure them for what they're actually worth as a daily driver. You would be better off just making the stock motor a bit more fun with a lightweight flywheel and driveshaft. Vehicle will not come with the spacers, any of the stickers, CD player or the 5Zigens pictured. I want to go and get a VIN verifiacation but i have silvia front conversion and dont want the CHP to sieze it.
He didn't ask too many questions, the CHP officer seemed more concerned with me having legit numbers more than anything else.
I love the idea of it all, but I also want something fun and reasonably dependable that doesn't require taking back to the shop once a month. It's a marathon, I'd rather take the time to do it right then to rush it and not be happy with the result. I would instead focus on breathing new life into your car by addressing the major areas of concern. Just take into consideration that a swapped engine might cause difficulty getting your emission testing done.
Sure you could not restore some parts, and have a partially restored car, for partial that figure, but I'm not sure if that's what your after.
You could have winter tires on your original wheels and not worry about them getting damaged by the snow and salt. Like most are saying you maybe better off getting this one painted and buying another thats already swapped and keep this one inside and what not.
Report back here with any developments and we'll be sure to steer you in the right direction.
I don't plan to put this on the track, I really just want my car back like it was when I was 16 and never turn back.

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