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According to simple check documentation, icmppingsec item returns ping time in seconds or 0 if the host is not reachable. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged monitoring zabbix or ask your own question.
Can a (flying) character choose to fall (voluntarily), and then use a reaction to stop falling before hitting the ground? Because I have multiple Neverfail clusters in my environment I will create a template in Zabbix that has all the necessary counters associated with it that I can then apply to the hosts rather than adding them manually to each host. To help with some of the drudgery associated with manually creating all the items, I’ve provided  a version of the template that can simply be imported into Zabbix. Here are a couple of short videos that walk through manually creating a template, and importing the one I’ve provided.
Now turning our attention to how we get the info into Zabbix let’s look at Zabbix_sender. In the example the value we’re putting into Zabbix is a string rather than a numerical value. Here we’re specifying the item with key nf_cluster[throughput] and giving it a value of 103453.
Now what I needed to do is to combine the script I wrote earlier with zabbix_sender to actually put the registry data into Zabbix. The next step is to modify the main body of the original GetRegValue script to turn it into a function. Since there are a number of values we want to put into Zabbix we need to think about how to approach this given that the script only handles one value at a time.
Now all that is left to do is copy the batch file, the vbscript file and the approapirate inputer to each node in the cluster. When running the script manually I can see each time the VBScript file calls zabbix_sender and whether or not that submission was successful. If you import the template I’ve provided it should have also created four triggers that can be used to generate actions within Zabbix.
These triggers are based on situations I’ve run into in my environment that I want to be aware of.

It is of course  possible to change these and set them to what fits for your environment and even to add other triggers.
Because Neverfail  is continually pushing the perf data to the registry it does happen on occasion that the script will catch spuriously large or odd values for some counters. If I were to use the zabbix_agent on my Neverfail nodes it is possible to include all this same monitoring within the agents configuration so that the agent pushes the data rather than using zabbix_sender via a scheduled task.
By default zabbix is able to check the total number of processes on a machine and triggers and error if these are above 300.
I do want to change this rule to trigger a warning if the number of process per CPU is greater than 300.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged zabbix or ask your own question. Software development: Is it appropriate to tell my boss and coworkers that it is difficult for me to discuss specs verbally? 1 Configuration de Zabbix Presentation Zabbix utilise le principe d item actif ou passif pour recuperer des valeurs particulieres sur un hote supervise.
BTS Services Informatiques aux Organisations Session 2014 Projet Personnalise Encadre PPE 2. TRAVAIL D ETUDE ET DE RECHERCHE (TER) Sujet : Etat de l art des solutions de supervision reseau open source. PRESENTATION PRODUITS DE LA GAMME SOLARWINDS + NETWORK CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT Sommaire Presentation de la societe Orsenna Qui sommes-nous?
Monitoring & Surveillance SLIM CHAKROUN (ENSI) EMNA BEN HADJ YAHIA (RT3) SAFA GALLAH (RT3) Table des matieres: I. APX Solution de Consolidation de Sauvegarde, restauration et Archivage APX vous accompagne de la Conception a l Exploitation de votre Systeme d Information. Lowinski Marc Mansour Chiguer Dominique N'Diaye SI7 OBJECTIF MISSION 3 : Trouver 2 ou 3 outils gratuits Definir les fonctionnalites de ces outils. The material in this site cannot be republished either online or offline, without our permission. I would like to monitor the ping from my server and I want to activate a trigger if the ping gets unresponsive or ping time exceeds 20 milliseconds.

The first thing I need to do is determine exactly what those counters are and which of the nodes they need to come from. The template includes all of the counters from above as well as a couple of basic triggers for alerting. I then changed the WScript.Echos so that we were returning the registry value rather than simply writing it to the console. Prior to setting up the scehiled task I like to manually run the batch file a few time to make sure  the data is getting populated into Zabbix.
Running zabbix_sender and mistyping the key was not an common issue when I was putting this together. I do have a server with 32 codes and obviously 300 processes would be nothing for this machine. Zabbix permet de surveiller le statut de divers services reseau, serveurs et autres materiels reseau.
Getting it ready is as simple as unzipping the download and putting the executable somewhere. To do this I need to use a local account that exists on both nodes (in my case I use the local Administrator account). Neverfail was great at letting me know the queue was full and it was going to stop replicating but not so much on the warning me it was happening front. This is so that the reg.exe util can seamlessly get values from the passive node (assuming the account has the same password on both nodes). The lists should essentially be identical with the only difference being the IP address specifed for the passive node.

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