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It had examples of how to discover services, process and lastly hard disks (which is what I was looking for). I didn’t want disk statistics per partition but per disk, so let’s add a rule to just catch the disk without the partitions. NetHogs is an open source command line program (similar to Linux top command) that is used for monitor real time network traffic bandwidth used by each process or application. To install nethogs, you must turn on EPEL repository under your Linux systems and then run the following yum command to download and install nethogs package. As you see above the send and received lines show the amount of traffic being used by per process. How can I filter the monitoring for a specific process with its name, could you you tell me an example command for that? The material in this site cannot be republished either online or offline, without our permission.

Run the installer by double clicking on it and follow on-screen instructions and your node.js installation will be completed in few minutes. To verify installation of node.js on windows system, Open Windows command prompt and check installed version of nodejs and npm .
At this point the above links just create a graph for each disk separately and plot the above data. Say, you can use iftop command to check bandwidth usage, netstat command to see reports on interface statistics or top command to watch running process on your system. Instead of breaking the traffic down per protocol or per subnet, like most tools do, it groups bandwidth by process.
I had different types and number of disks on each machine, so I didn’t want to create a graph per device. Here we will name the rule, query the UserParameter we created, and apply a filter (regular expression) to get just the disk.

But if you are really looking for something that can give you a real time statistics of your network bandwidth of per process usage, then NetHogs is the only utility you should look for. If there’s suddenly a lot of network traffic, you can fire up NetHogs and immediately see which PID is causing this. Developers can easily us JavaScript to for frontend and can contact with backend web services. This makes it easy to identify programs that have gone wild and are suddenly taking up your bandwidth.

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