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New entrants in the car insurance market are helping to drive down the cost of breakdown cover.
One of the simplest ways to save a hundred dollars or more in a couple of minutes is to find cheaper roadside assistance.New entrants in the car insurance market, such as supermarkets and progressive online players, are helping to drive down the cost of breakdown cover. Insurers such as Youi now offer roadside assistance at no extra cost with other types of cover, and car dealers usually throw it in for free on new vehicles.We shopped around this week and found roadside assistance for as little as $40 a year.

Check the policy's towing distance limits and restrictions on the number of call-outs.Some policies only cover drivers for four call-outs a year. Towing Roadside assistance products differ on the distance they will tow your vehicle free of charge and also the geographical locations they cover.Breakdowns Most roadside assistance products have a limit on the number of call-outs. Basic products generally cater for four call-outs a year, whereas some products are unlimited.

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