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Gold Coast Tow Trucks are an approved service provider to all insurance companies including but not just limited to AAMI, Suncorp, Allianz, APIA, Bingle, Budget Direct, Coles, NRMA, RACQ, Virgin, Westpac, Woolworths and YOUI…. We are proud to be able to offer Free towing for all customers that are comprehensively insured regardless of the insurance company or location. If in the case that your not fully insured we can still offer awesome discounted rates and a safe an prompt service.
If you need something taken to an insurance broker or a specific smash repairer we can get your car, bike or caravan there usingĀ our tow trucks. Marketing and advertising campaigns aim to influence the way we see brands and try to position them favourably in our minds over another competitor.
Although, for all this hard work done by advertising agencies for their brands, an important piece of the puzzle is the customer service assistant.
Great experiences with a brand can create a very powerful word-of-mouth campign, which has the ability to produce a great amount of spread for your business.

Ads influence us to consider a brand or product, but once we are in the actually at the shops, the sales assistants become the face of that brand.
Businesses should be thinking about this if they aren’t already, because you can spend millions on great advertising without great reward. This business relationship has being built on our punctuality, work ethics and customer service we provide. Most customer service assistants are working their casual jobs without really understanding the power they hold with consumers. Recently I purchased car insurance with Youi due to the fact I spoke to a real person, and they went out of their way to do the best deal for me that they could. On the other hand, having great people at the forefront, and in-store promoting your brand, is priceless.
This relationship allows us to provide you, the valued customer with assistance in managing motor vehicle accidents, breakdowns, roadside assistance and general towing.

Apple declares a position of superiority over their competitor by constantly outlining why they are the brand of choice.
These are also examples of the power of word of mouth, and how quickly a bad or good reputation can be spread through a community through someones positive or negative experiences. For the most part, Apple succeeds in doing this, their stores always buzzing and bustling with potential customers, with an abundance of young, friendly and approachable staff members waiting and willing to talk to you about their product. The actor, young, smart, attractive and funny, describes the culture and persona of the company, something that they want their audience to be a part of.
This is an example of an intelligent and strategic marketing campaign, and one that drives the viewer to go an enquire further into the product.

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