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One of the ways of identifying whether your Australian Falcon is genuine or not is by checking the Compliance Plate as shown on this page and marrying it to the VIN which was stamped on sheetmetal under the bonnet. If you study the pictures carefully, you will notice that there is a ‘problem’ with the stamping.
Quite where the half-covered hole in the suspension turrets of XA’s came from, I do not know.
I would like to thank Richard in Australia for providing the following information and photos and bringing this to our attention.
By August, 1973, they seemed to have settled down to consistently stamping the number in its entirety after the hole. As you may have realised by now, things sometimes were not too regulated with Australian Fords and, as further proof, here is an early XB GT.
So, it wasn’t an XA-only thing and it would be intriguing to find out when ‘the hole’ disappeared from the stampings and, why indeed, was it ever there ? With the disappearance of ‘the hole’ you would have expected the stampings to have settled down.
Earlier Falcons, for example this Phase1.5 XW GT, had their chassis number present in several locations, including one not used by the later XA-XC’s.

On early Falcons, that is, pre-January, 1971, there are actually two identification numbers, and both are shown on the compliance plate. The number present on the top line of the plate was originally known as the body prefix and serial number. What Ford called the VIN was a two letter, then four or five digit number, then a single letter code whihc was stamped on the passenger side suspension turret.
This stamping of the engine VIN in this location on the block is unique to very early - Phase1.5 - Clevelands. After January, 1971, Ford rationalised their numberings sytem and used what had previously been the body prefix number and serial number as the VIN, and did away with the separate number, the coding not required because there were now individual boxes on the compliance plate to list engine and transmission type.. As a result, later engines had the full VIN stamping on the vertical side of the timing chain casting, below what is shown above. Another indication of where the VIN is stamped on the radiator cross member on early Falcons. Advantage Honda in Manhasset offers the new Honda lineup as well as an extensive inventory of used vehicles at our dealership.
The data relating to used cars for sale on this site comes in part from Advantage Honda and the LONG ISLAND USED CARS DATA RECIPROCITY PROGRAM.

Long Island Media and Advantage Honda are not responsible for typographical errors or omissions. Listings, prices and descriptions are electronically placed for educational and non-commercial purposes only, have not been verified by Long Island Media and are not intended to be binding on Advantage Honda. This has become especially important with the rise in value of old Fords and GT’s in particular where the possibility of faking cars can occur. The ‘JG33LL’, as above, is the body prefix number and desigantes the country of origin, the plant, the model type and a two letter code for month and year of manufacture.
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With the XA, XB and XC models, Ford had a policy of stamping the VIN on the top of the passenger side shock tower.

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