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A requirement came up the other day, for a quick and easy way of detecting and displaying duplicate items in a SharePoint List. Abstract: In this article we will see how to create a Custom Event Receiver in Sharepoint and tie it up to a site as a SharePoint Feature. In my previous articles I have discussed how we can use custom content types and custom page layouts to define document structure in SharePoint.
SharePoint has this infrastructure built in where certain SP objects raise events that can be handled by custom code. Essentially VS is taking care of all the plumbing work needed to deploy and register your feature with SharePoint.
Step 11: If you have a user in the Approver group login as that user and navigate to the page. But as of now we have successfully built and tested our own Event Receiver and published it as a SharePoint Feature. I have a month column which is a choice column in my document library in the format specified below..
Names are one form of identificationNames in XML are not suitable for identificationthey are local to their context (where they are defined)if the context is uniquely identified, the names would be, tooName Spaces: Put names into spaceshow to identify the space? Erik Wilde, Structuring Namespace Descriptions, 15th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2006), Edinburgh, UK, May 2006. Now, imagine we're only interested in the vegetables - we only want to display the food that have a type attribute of "vegetable". It gives you two deployment options for your feature, one is Sandboxed and other is Farm deployment. In VS 2008 you have to do most of the skeleton work yourself, but in VS 2010 it’s all setup for you. All this was possible through the excellent WSP builder tool in VS 2008 too, but you still needed to attach the debugger to the process manually. Let VS start IE and if you are asked credentials for the site provide credentials for the site.

If everything was setup right, the debugger will kick in and you should now hit the break point. That’s because as soon as the workflow was approved, SharePoint internally marked the page as Published.
You see an HTML file with the same name as the title of your functional specification page! In this article we’ll continue where we left off and see how we can add a hook in SharePoint and enhance the content creation and approval process to make it more valuable to end users. Custom Content types help us with defining the data-structure while layouts help us define the presentation.
I selected Sandboxed because I want the feature to be limited to the site collection where I am publishing only. Once VS finishes processing, you will have a solution structure similar to the below image. If you want the published file to go to a different library just give the correct qualified name. It’s nothing but a stsadm command followed by activation steps through the site configurations. ?’A  The literal answer for a first conviction is that a New York speeding ticket costs between $4.For speeding 1 to 1. Ten days into development new requirements would come in and the spec would have to be re-visited and re-routed for approval.
If you have a hook in place you can view the entire content and its current values in Event Receiver. There isn’t much for us to do here other than giving it a more meaningful Title and Description. VS will start an IE instance and load the required site up and attach the debugger to the process for you. So, enough of theory, let’s get hands on and build our own Event Receiver feature for SharePoint 2010.

Overall in this (loosely coupled three part) series I’ve tried to solve a common content management problem in an Enterprise business setup.
In an ideal world we would use an xsl transformation to convert the item’s xml into html.
I will follow up with a couple of more enhancements that will have some more custom development. In fact our custom Pages will not be visible to everyone if we don’t actually publish them and the only way to do that is to start the approval workflow. If that location is a version controlled document library, then each version of the complete document would be available for anytime reference!
?’A  Additionally it does not include the Driver Assessment Fee that is imposed on motorists who accumulate 6 or more points on their licenses.Provides information about The Praxis Series, assessments registration and test scores. Click here to learn more about how to become an AACE International member and the benefits of membership.?’A  This fee is $3. On the other hand, most of you know that speeding ticket results in points being added to your driver license. Beyond the points, a speeding ticket can result in a suspension or revocation.?’A  Some judges will suspend a motorist for just one 8- point or 1. ?’A  By law, a New York insurance company cannot raise your rates for one speeding conviction of 1.?’A  For a higher speeding ticket or multiple convictions, however, your auto insurance rates can be hiked. 0+ years, our law firm has helped thousands of motorists each year fight their traffic tickets throughout New York State and keep their licenses as clean as possible. Welcome to InclusiveMuseum.org, home of the International Institute for the Inclusive Museum (IIIM).

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