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The 7-seater mat and can be used whether the third row of seats is upright or folded down as the front half can quite simply be removed from the car.
Hard-working orange car still going strongRevisionistWith SVR founder Ben Adnett, Cunningham gives us the refresher walk-around.
It's bolted to a six-speed Graziano gearbox, restrained solely by traction control rather than ESC, and offers either 450hp, 550hp or 650hp depending on whether you're in Road, Track or Race mode. Even with 450hp, 1,200kg Noble is plenty quickHit the roadV8 rumbling behind, Motec ECU snappily managing tickover with track-like immediacy, Cunningham explains the plan of action. Having mastered the close pedals and light, long-throw gearshift (stirred via an ultra-tall lever that Noble's looking to shorten), things are going nicely. Lower, wider and shorter than it looksUp the anteWe snap the central anodised dial into Track mode and find a more interesting route. If, six years on from its debut, customers are as positively surprised as I was by the M600, they might just be in with a chance. Just a shame it has to be so ludicrously expensive, if they could do a sub £100k car I'm sure they'd shift a few more of them. The purple car really looks spectacular but I agree that in a world of McLarens this is a difficult and rather expensive proposition. It is available in two versions - a single-piece mat for cars seating 5 and a two-piece mat for cars seating 7. We'd start with 450, but our first lesson wasn't the specifics of engine modes but how to get in.
The cabin is surprisingly well finished, with simple controls and a beautiful flat-bottomed steering wheel. The prominent engine is docile, torque delivery friendly, the ride decent and ground clearance sufficient not to have any frights even when negotiating broken roads, speed bumps and the steep drop out of the SVR trading estate. You got it!Credibility gapThe sales process can include track stuff, says Cunningham, which customers who've come to Noble because of JC knobbling a load of supercars with it will probably demand.
So earlier in 2016, the boys from the industrial estate in Leicestershire agreed a deal with boys from an industrial estate in High Wycombe.

Nope, SVR was proudly letting us loose in the M600 thrashed by endless tame racing drivers, genuine racing drivers and motoring journalists. Like an Elise, the sill is high and broad, and a hefty bracing bar in the floor also needs stepping over. It doesn't feel parts-bin and has the sort of focused atmosphere that makes the lack of touchscreen infotainment and climate control not too incongruous. Because it's a raw car with so much feedback, even driving this normal stuff is more interesting because of the extra detail filtering through.
But it's the on-road stuff that's important given this also paints an intimidating picture. Super Veloce Racing was to take on exclusive distribution rights for the UK and Europe, confirming the deal at the 2016 London Motor Show with an exotic-looking new customer demonstrator car currently listed in the PH classifieds at ?296,600. Now almost four years old with more than 40,000 miles on the clock, it's intentionally still doing the rounds, says SVR director (and successful racer) Lee Cunningham. Cunningham does a bit of a Fred Astaire and teaches us his entry routine, which makes it easier - but this will never be a walk-in 911.
The single-piece hard-shell seats almost are racing buckets: hard, supportive and pretty unyielding. The M600 should also work on the road, so we head onto the commuter routes of High Wycombe and then onto the M40 for a few junctions.
The M600's sheer manageability lets you concentrate on this rather than keeping it in a straight line, off-boost or out of the central reservation. Race mode appears to have energised the car sufficiently to turn me into a hooligan so it's back one notch for a bit less intensity to enjoy the ride and handling nuances that demonstrate what a remarkably, almost surprisingly, well sorted car the M600 is. Which is why SVR is so keen to get past the YouTube notoriety and demonstrate it's not something to be scared of. Clarkson-eyeball-popping speed, terrifyingly knife-edge handling and, if you lift the Tornado fighter bomber switch and disable the traction control, intensity only a racing driver can tame. As it's been a few years since we experienced the M600, we felt it was time for a refresher drive.

Practice the pedals too, adds Cunningham: they're not only offset, they're also ultra-close. Easy squirts of torque mitigate the rear blind spot on the surprisingly pleasant M40 section. I also like the straight-tracking directional stability of the M600, the positive feel through its steering, the sheer manageability and well-sortedness of it. Typically British: made in a veritable shed, delivering the rich, quality dynamics that rivals probably deem wizardry.
The engineering is more credible than Clarkson's Leicestershire industrial estate jibes portray. Do so, goes the thinking, and the rich can see their automotive credibility skyrocket thanks to the kudos of owning a Noble. On a blazing day, the air-con chills, switches have a lovely click-clack and, compliant ride notwithstanding, it doesn't shudder frighteningly like Plexiglas when you do thwack into bumps. An instant anti-establishment hero was created and Noble would go on to sell hundreds, right? It's Judd engineering that's given this twin-turbo 4.4-litre V8 its 650hp output, not simply bolting turbos to a Volvo engine.
It's not over-stiff, not an edgy, one-dimensional track warrior, and doesn't need silly speeds to come alive. Like a race car, it's a car that's only perfect if you take up the factory's custom-fitting service.

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