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This past September while touring the less-appreciated side of Bordeaux as a guest of Planete Bordeaux, we wrapped up our jaunt with a boat ride, before which we tossed back some cured meats and a lot of tasty and inexpensive Bordeaux whites and roses, and during which we tossed back some oysters and a lot of tasty and inexpensive Bordeaux whites and roses, and after which we ate dinner at a modest-but-quite-good restaurant along the water (and tossed back a lot tasty and inexpensive Bordeaux reds, whites and roses). Once the wine and oysters are flowing, however, it’s easy enough to forget the relatively mild inconveniences and the Autumn bite, so I’m not complaining here. However, taken as a whole, a leisurely open-aired boat ride is not the environment that’s conducive to any kind of formal critical assessment, which doesn’t matter anyway when Academy Award-winner Marion Cotillard is dining (with entourage) a few tables away from you, and someone (in this case, Marc Milhade, of Chateau Recougne) brought along a 1959 red that their grandfather made.
From what I can remember before the alcoholic fogs starting setting in, Chateau Recougne wines are quite tasty (red, white and rose), versatile with food, and vibrant if not complex examples of what constitutes the majority of Bordeaux production, the “Lets drink to the hard working people, Lets drink to the lowly of birth, Raise your glass to the good and the evil, Lets drink to the salt of the earth” -singing type of Bordeaux that a crap-ton of people in Europe drink daily but no one in the media seems to give a crap about.
Marc Milhade is part of a family business (headed by father Xavier Milhade) who own Chateau Recougne, along with Chateau Montcabrier and the Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Chateau Boutisse.
The opening of the bottle caused some not-insignificant anticipation among our group of food educators, writers, and winemakers, which started increasing in pitch as we all got more buzzed.
As for Marion Cotillard – no, we did NOT talk to her, since this was around the time that the news of her stalker was making headlines, and I’m personally not one to interrupt someone and their entourage when they’re chilling out and just trying to enjoy dinner.
ARCACHON, France--We're here on a wine tour, and one of the highest and best uses of the sauvignon blanc-based crisp white wine called Bordeaux Blanc is to accompany local oysters. The Bassin d'Arcachon, a bay on the Atlantic coast southwest of the city of Bordeaux, is the principal oyster-growing zone for all of Europe. Our captain on the bay today is Jonathan Meyre; he's in his mid-twenties and bought the business from his father, a legendary oysterman named Camilot.
While the United States, with thousands of miles of coastline, is the world's number one producer of most oysters, France is actually the number one consumer of the succulent bivalves, and Arcachon's oystermen supply 60 percent of the seed stock (newborns, or naissins).
We visit oyster beds marked with reeds planted in shallow waters, it's a calm day and Xavier (in photo at right) sets up a folding table on the deck of the flat-top.
Eventually, Jonathan glides the boat back to the dock, where lunch awaits: a splendid platter of shellfish from local waters (crayfish, shrimp, oysters). Samedi 12 fevrier randonnee autour de Saint Christophe des Bardes Presentation du village de Saint Christophe des Bardes Saint Christophe des Bardes, commune du canton de Lussac (521 habitants au recensement 2008), mais appartenant a la juridiction de Saint-Emilion grace a l'appellation de son vignoble, "Saint-Emilion", se situe sur les hauteurs des coteaux de la Dordogne, tout-a-fait au sud du canton.

Le club de marche du CACBO est ouvert a tous, il fonctionne chaque mardi apres midi (de 8 a 10 kms). Lieu de rendez-vous a Jacques Brel a 13h45 le mardi et les autres jours a confirmer selon les destinations. We had to roll up pant legs carry shoes and socks and wade through the crisp, September-chilled waters to climb into the boat, a well-maintained but on-the-small side craft that would have suited four people a lot better than it did ten. Marc is a tall, dark-haired, likeable young guy, and he succeeded in an attempt to make some friends by bringing along the 1959 that his grandfather made “without filtration, without oak aging, without anything, really; just put it in the concrete I guess and hope” he told me over dinner that evening.
It took a combined effort to successfully extract the cork, which was original and doing its damned best to crumble on us.
And so we certainly should NOT expect all plebeianly-priced Bordeaux bottles to have fared as well as this one did (and as a magnum, with even less air in the neck of the bottle to begin with, it had a leg-up in the aging potential department over a standard 750ml). So to the source of the oysters we go, accompanied by Xavier Milhade, owner of Chateau Recougne and a few bottles of his wines. Some 3,000 families make their living in the French oyster-growing business, 400 of them here at Arcachon, leasing concessions for specific oyster beds around the bay from the government. The reason, again, is the significant variation in the depth of the oyster beds between high and low tide. Le nom "des Bardes" remonte a une epoque tres ancienne; il s'agit de chantres religieux, genre de druides, qui s'etaient etablis dans la region.
I like to drink, and I like to east, but I don’t like to sit on wood planks for long periods of time (thought I gave that one up when I decided to stop going to Catholic Sunday mass regularly). Fortunately, we had experience on our side (at least three winemakers, the restaurant wait staff, and one in our travel party who has done her fair share of time in service and wine education). The Frenchword for this type of flat-bottomed steel scow, incidentally, is chaland, the same term used in the Louisiana bayous.
Fertilized oysters attach themselves to chalk-covered tiles set out in the oyster beds and are hand-coddled through every stage of their three-year development: regularly dragged out of their salt-water environment for sizing and graduating to heavy-duty bags with larger perforations, just like schoolkids.

Furthermore, because it's shallow, there's a significant tidal coefficient in the best spots, a man can maneuver bags of spat (young oysters) in water.no more than knee-deep.
A few of the boats, equipped with rails and safety gear, take tourists out into the bay, but two years ago, tragically, an overloaded commercial oyster barge capsized as it was leaving shallow waters and a crewman, thrown overboard, was killed by the boat's propellor. But that freshness… that vibrancy… it was crazy; it was load-it-up-on-Adderall-and-put-it-in-a-straight-jacket crazy. This sort of decentralized system would curl the hair of large-scale American oyster growers such as Taylor Shellfish. It tasted more like a wine from the 1980s than the close of the 1950s, when Eisenhower was president, Buddy Holly died in a plane crash, Hawaii became the 50th U.S. Les 33 hectares d'un seul tenant qui le composent sont assis sur un terroir dont l'aptitude viticole n'est plus a demontrer. Elles ont ete creusees dans le rocher a flanc de falaise et prennent la forme d’un labyrinthe de pierre que notre poete gascon utilisait pour des reunions litteraires avec Madeleine de Scudery afin de parler poesie, litterature antique et autres preoccupations dont jouissaient au quotidien les Precieuses du XVIIe siecle. Avant d'etre achete par le baron de Bich en 1978, ce batiment fut, pendant plusieurs siecles, la propriete de la famille du marquis de Mons de Dune. Prendre a gauche en longeant le chateau Laroque dont l'architecture imposante domine la vallee. Datant des annees 1750, avec sa facade classique, son parc paysager et son enfilade de salons en est un veritable symbole. Entrez tout de meme, et laissez-vous enivrer par le concert de lumiere offert par les vitraux de l’atelier Bernard Fournier  Ainsi les circuits de randonnees etablis par le Conseil General, nous permettent de mieux connaitre la commune dont le paysage a ete inscrit, ainsi que toute la juridiction de Saint-Emilion, au Patrimoine Mondial de l'UNESCO.

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