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Blank blue check and check with placeholder text (check number, amount, signature etc.), get an editable PSD template.
Standard production time is 3-4 business days and then there will be some shipping time, however we are always able to rush production if you have a deadline.
Yes, just leave the areas you will want to change blank and select add dry erase laminate when you check out. You'll have access to one of the largest databases, the same background database used by many law and government officials.
Performing the methods for background checks can be a frustrating experience if you've never tried it.
It's often the case that free background checks are performed by using search engines and free white pages online. Most background checks include the following: Identity checks, criminal history reports, motor vehicle and credit reports, employment verification, education, workers compensation information, unemployment and bankruptcy history just to name a few.
The truth is, a thorough background check can protect you and your loves ones from the unknown in both personal and business transactions.
To be reliable, background checks should be able to yield instantaneous results with no waiting period. The purpose of this project is to show how easy it is to wash a check and to raise awareness of the best defenses against check washing. I’m going to test four separate pens to see how well (or poorly) they react against check washing. The pan above was used to be the container to hold the checks during washing, the tongs were used to remove and hold checks after being washed, and the closepins and plastic folgers can were used to store washed checks while they dried.
Again, I tried to use scotch tape to preserve the signature but the tape stuck to the paper and it just ended up giving the check a nice rip that completely voided it. Simply because I got such a great effect out of the nail polish remover, I decided to try soaking it in alcohol, then nail polish remover again just to see how well I could do. The ink color itself changed from a dark black to a blurry dark brown, it did not wash away very well. The ink definitely blurred, but just like the previous check it did not blur enough to say that the check was washed.
Several different types of tapes were used in order to preserve the signature on the check while washing the rest of the check. Sanford Expresso Extra Fine: The alcohol barely faded the ink, but the nail polish remover did a pretty good job in fading the text almost to the point where it could be completely washed. Pilot Precise Rolling Ball Extra Fine: This was probably the most interesting pen to observe.
Okay, so it’s just a little scary that it is so easy for someone to steal your own money, isn’t it? Our over-sized checks are manufactured on a rigid Styrene plastic and can include text or your custom artwork.
Run a national background check now and get instant background records for US and Canada residents. Run background searches on your anyone including possible employees, friends, dates, neighbors, a nanny, tenants, and much more. Feel comfortable when running background checks from the comfort of your office, home, or anywhere you have Internet access.

Doing a quick background check can help understand the people you know and possible keep you and your love one from harms way. If you're performing the search for free, you may be saving an expense but you will usually end up spending a great deal of time and effort. Using free white pages can only provide a person with the most basic information such as another person's name and address, and in most cases, this is often outdated information. If you're going to make decisions and personal assessments, it's critical that the information you use be totally reliable.
You can learn the truth in seconds from aliases to blind dates, from court records to criminal cases, and from bankruptcies to fraudulent identity. Our services are the most comprehensive in the industry, and out data is compiled from millions of records.
I will use each pen to write two separate checks; one check will be washed with nail polish remover, and the second check will be washed in 91% isopropyl alcohol. Because this is a gel pen, the ink formulation is completely different from then generic bic round stic.
This is by far the most common pen out there mostly because it is so cheap and so available at stores.
I’m not sure if this is made anymore, but the pen is unique because it uses a felt tip to dispense the ink rather than a ball. Because I made two checks per pen (one for alcohol washing and one for nail polish remover washing) only one check is shown below for each pen. It is important to realize how common these tools are and how easy it is for just about anyone to check wash, and it is certainly not something the government can regulate or keep tabs on. Many times check washers will place tape over a signature on a check in order to keep the signature from washing. There was a little white paint on the bottom of the tray I used, so I think that’s why the tape turned white. I didn’t even bother trying to cover up the signature because of my previous problems with the tape sticking. This is what the check looked like after two washings of nail polish remover and a washing with isopropyl alcohol. A plus side to the blue ink instead of the black ink is that it doesn’t stand out as well and therefore blends into the background much better. Just like check #512, I re-washed this check once with alcohol and once with nail polish remover. Regardless of the type of tape used, the liquid ended up getting under the tape anyway and washed the signature.
I have always read that gel pens are the best pens to use with checks, and this experiment definitely verified that fact. The nail polish remover did an okay job on washing it, but the alcohol did a superb job of washing. If I had left the check in the nail polish remover longer I’m confident the check would have washed nearly to completion.
In order to wash the check better, a higher concentration of acetone or alcohol could be used. If it is too much of a problem to not use your mailbox, make sure you don’t leave your flag up overnight.

Keep your receipts and write down transactions in your ledger so you can quickly compare your checkbook to your monthly bank statement.
Background checks that are done for free can often seem endless, without getting an individual the substantial and important information they're looking for to begin with.
You'll find the information useful in screening babysitters, neighbors, renters, dates, possible contractors you wish to do business with, and much more. Well check washing is a growing problem and it essentially puts a blank check in your name in the hands of criminals that are more than willing to fill out any dollar amount to their own bank accounts. The main target of this experiment is to see what pen defends against check washing the best. I tried these four different types of tape to determine how effective they were at protecting certain areas of the checks. The primary observation will be which pens wash easiest and as a side experiment to find the best tape to use to cover the signature on a check during washing. The ink has faded significantly, and I think if I would have left it for more than five minutes the effect would be even more pronounced. If I would have soaked this check a little longer I think it would have completely washed the ink away. It seems like the best way to protect the signature is to keep it out of the liquid as much as possible.
When I used the nail polish remover and the alcohol together, the check was washed almost perfectly.
Together, the alcohol and the nail polish remover did an excellent (almost perfect) job of washing the ink. In addition, a longer soak period (I did five minute soakings) could be used to increase the effect of the solvent. This doesn't take into consideration the massive amounts of information that aren't published online. Selecting a source where you can access unlimited public records is the best direction to pursue. Check washing is the process of taking a check that’s already been filled out, removing the ink from a pen, then re-writing in a new dollar amount and recipient. This is one of the best washed checks and displays how easy it is to wash a check that is written in the right pen.
If I were to do it again, I would use the clear label protection tape or masking tape and wash only parts of the check at a time. It seems that the components in the ink are partly soluble to the alcohol, and partly soluble to the nail polish.
Finally, a truly non-polar solvent (such as gasoline, toluene, ether, etc.) could be used as well. Absolutely do not use scotch tape because it will rip the paper, and do not use electrical tape because it is not adhesive enough.

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