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The Work History Report displays all of the places you have worked that are listed in the system.
When you click the PRINT button you will see a new page with just the work history information on it. Unfortunately, many Social Security Disability applicants don’t do a complete job of filling out the form which can result in the denial of your claim. The Work History Report form is interested in the jobs that you have held in the last 15 years.
While completing a work history form you should ask yourself what part of the work that you are not able to do.
The estimate of your hours and pay can be important and can make a difference as to whether or not that job counts as past relevant work. Does the work that was actually performed have a mandatory requirement that you work over time or more than eight hours in a shift? If you have worked less than six months at any job, that may be helpful to show that you unsuccessfully attempted to work.
The work history form will also have certain questions about your skills and the physical requirements, the psychical requirements must be as accurate as possible, particularly standing and lifting. Some jobs that you have performed may have required you to do activities occasionally and not every day, you should list the maximum requirements of the job and indicate the frequency that you performed that job. The work history form doesn’t do a very good job asking about the mental requirements of your job.
Filling out the work history form properly can make the difference between your disability benefits. Through building oil production software of our own, we’ve talked with and observed hundreds of operators.
Our hope is that this post triggers you to think about how you could reposition many of the apps to facilitate your work flow. Oilies like this app because their files are always on hand for those impromptu visits to a well site. Many of you carry around this app on your iPhone or iPad and probably haven’t even realized it.
Also, with the SPCC pumping out new regulations, it’s important to make sure your company stays compliant. For example, you may want a reminder to show up on the 1st of every month prompting your pumpers to do their monthly walk-arounds and inspections of each tank battery. The Reminder App provides your people with the structure they need and with a written account of how to get the job done in the most efficient and effective way.
Side note: more and more, pumpers working the Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico oil fields are of Spanish descent.

As we come across other oilfield apps that are well suited for the patch, we’ll do our best to keep you updated. Many, many operators have asked us to implement some sort of file repository into the GreaseBook app.
We always tout how good we are at not only listening to our clients’ recommendations, but also quickly implementing these suggestions into the GreaseBook app.
The beauty of GreaseBook is that our users can intuitively understand 80-90% of the app’s functionality in about 2 minutes.
Now, in addition to the historical production data for every production asset that GreaseBook offers you, you’ll also have your well history documentation to boot. Access to the data of any well, anytime, anyplace, all from your iPad… pretty cool, right? In the second installment on great free Oil Software to increase our production, we’d like to introduce the iMessage app. Send a message to one Pumper or to many Pumpers at once — along with photos or links you think are important.
For example, Pumpers generally have a “task list” of things they need to do on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis to keep your leases running in top form. However, why would we do that when some of the best developers in the world (ie programmers at Apple, Inc.) have already built this for us? Sharing a Reminders list is a streamlined process that is sure to come in handy for both you and your Pumpers. See What Brian G., CFO and Managing Partner of Mac 5 Energy has to say about the GreaseBook! It may ask you about your skills and supervision requirements but it doesn’t ask much about mental tasks. She is a published author of many disability guides and practices disability law all over the state of Florida. Cavey we are a nationwide Long Term Disability and Florida Social Security Disability law firm.
Basically, we build toys for forward-thinking operators and their pumpers – oilfield apps for the iPad to be exact. And, we’ve noticed a trend of oil apps that engineers, operations managers, and lease operators have begun to rally around. And, allowing field supervisors, pumpers and other field service personnel to access to certain files cuts down on those unnecessary phone calls email chatter, too (which we all like ?? ). Basically, by programming the app to flash specific tasks on set dates to your group of pumpers, your pumpers are notified (and held accountable) to these scheduled tasks. It communicates to the new employees, as well as to the old, that there is a logic to the world in which they have chosen to work, that there is a technology by which results are produced.

Pumpers have been quick to realize that by using the camera function on their smart devices they are able to save their employers thousands of dollars every year.
Most of these guys do a hell of a job, but from time to time they may have difficulties communicating some of the more complex issues over the phone due to language limitations. Until then, and please feel free to post any other apps you’ve stumbled across in the comments below!
What types of documents do these engineers, owners, and ops managers want to attach to their wells? However, to sync those well history files from your computer to your iPad, you’ll need to download the software to your desktop first. In filling out the work history form, you should ask your self what mental task you can’t perform and consider adding an addendum in the remarks section about the mental requirements.
Basically, by forming Pumper message groups in Apple’s Reminder app, oil and gas operators have an effective way to build and deliver daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists (e.g.
By taking photos or video of issues in the field and posting them to messaging applications, veteran engineers and managers can visually engage with their production assets. In these particular cases, the camera function on the iPad really comes in handy… pumpers photograph the issue, send it over, and move on with the rest of their route. Well completion reports, work over info, and any other well history document they may find helpful when out of their office, and away from their desktop. Basically, Dropbox allows you to “drop” any file that sits on your desktop computer into a repository in the cloud, and share that file with your engineer, operations manager, or anyone else. With iMessage, as soon as your message appears on a Pumper’s iPad, you’ll get a delivery receipt letting you know it went through.
Where once issues could only be resolved through verbal descriptions over the telephone, companies are now able to visually troubleshoot problems from the office, thus avoiding costly onsite service calls.
Through photos, engineers and experienced operations managers can visually interact with the oilfield, allowing you to scale your knowledge over your entire army of pumpers, all from HQ. The cloud stores this file, just like your desktop would, however it allows you to access it from your iPad, smartphone, or any other desktop in the world. You can enable read receipts for a visual “copy that.” And see when someone is in the middle of typing out a reply. Also, anytime you make a change to your file or document, the change is reflected across all your devices.

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