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Attorney Gordon Gates can help with your Social Security disability claim in Maine & New Hampshire. Keep in mind that the work history report will be used to establish the requirements of your past work, and that Social Security will assess your ability to perform the jobs you describe. As of December 2011 there were 8,576,000 disabled workers receiving Social Security disability benefits. Although this safety net is surely appreciated by those receiving benefits, the amount is hardly enough for those who are unable to work. Social Security disability recipients become Medicare eligible after they have received 24 months or benefits.
This article will address your options related to becoming eligible for Medicare and your options related to supplemental plans.
If you are entitled to Social Security disability benefits and have been receiving benefits for 24 months, you will be eligible for Medicare Parts A and B on the first day of your 25th month. Should you cancel Part B you will automatically be re-enrolled when you turn 65 and will not be subject to a surcharge.
The rules for Medigap insurance are different than the rules for Part D and Medicare Advantage plans. If you have the option to purchase a policy, expect to pay considerably more than someone who is Medicare eligible due to turning 65. If you are on Medicare due to a disability you may be better off enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan. Unfortunately, many Social Security Disability applicants don’t do a complete job of filling out the form which can result in the denial of your claim. The Work History Report form is interested in the jobs that you have held in the last 15 years. While completing a work history form you should ask yourself what part of the work that you are not able to do.

The estimate of your hours and pay can be important and can make a difference as to whether or not that job counts as past relevant work.
Does the work that was actually performed have a mandatory requirement that you work over time or more than eight hours in a shift? If you have worked less than six months at any job, that may be helpful to show that you unsuccessfully attempted to work. The work history form will also have certain questions about your skills and the physical requirements, the psychical requirements must be as accurate as possible, particularly standing and lifting. Some jobs that you have performed may have required you to do activities occasionally and not every day, you should list the maximum requirements of the job and indicate the frequency that you performed that job. The work history form doesn’t do a very good job asking about the mental requirements of your job. Filling out the work history form properly can make the difference between your disability benefits. You may decline Part B at that time and may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period later on. Advantage plans are another way to receive your Medicare benefits that generally affords you fixed copayments and coinsurance amounts for medical services.
It is determined by each State whether or not insurance companies must offer Medigap to beneficiaries under 65.
It may ask you about your skills and supervision requirements but it doesn’t ask much about mental tasks. She is a published author of many disability guides and practices disability law all over the state of Florida. Cavey we are a nationwide Long Term Disability and Florida Social Security Disability law firm. Jobs that were not performed at the level of substantial gainful activity do not count as past relevant work.

And once eligible for Medicare, there are a host of other issues to contend with that in some instances, seem like being under 65 and on Medicare qualifies you as a second class citizen. You do not have to complete an application or otherwise signal your desire to be enrolled in the Medicare program.
Many people choose this option to avoid Part A hospital deductibles and the 20% coinsurance required for all Part B services.
Depending on your State of residency, you may or may not be able to purchase a Medigap policy.
The bottom line is insurance companies who sell Medigap policies would rather not have you as a client if you are on Medicare due to a disability. In filling out the work history form, you should ask your self what mental task you can’t perform and consider adding an addendum in the remarks section about the mental requirements. Your premiums will be the same and if a plan is available in your service area, you are able to submit an application. Some states will allow you to buy a policy but you may be limited to a specific plan or plans.
Their claims experience will be higher and you will statistically be likely to cost them more money. This is not necessarily the case with a Medicare supplement (aka Medigap insurance policy).

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