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Save your product keys more securely by encrypting them before they are saved so that it ads an extra layer protection on saved keys on your computer.
Microsoft last week released the new Windows 10 build 9926 for members of the Windows Insiders program as an in-place upgrade. With the ISO image you can burn a DVD or create a bootable flash drive to install it on a physical machine. Note that you will need to enter the following product key which Microsoft supplies on its site it’s not a secret key by any means.
While this build is pretty stable, much more stable than the leaked build 9901, remember this is still the Technical Preview and you don’t want to install this on your main computer that you use to get things done. Also, to keep up with the continuing journey of Windows 10 from Technical Preview to the final release later this year, join our Windows 10 Forum. I downloaded the new Windows update 9926 ISO and to be fair it only took about 115 minutes to download and install keeping my files and apps.
Tidied it all up, got rid of the old version, cleared out all unnecessary left over files, de fragged the disk. Works well, is stable, and a number of things that should always have been in windows have finally been sorted in version 10.

Cannot comment on Cortana, I am in the UK and my main language is English – so I fully understand why Cortana doesn’t work here? Still haven’t seen much evidence of Microsoft Sdk being used to create watch applications. In short, I see little here that threatens Apple or android – but on the other hand I see a large amount elsewhere that threatens Microsofts virtual monopoly in business systems. The company also made an ISO image of it available so you can do a clean install of on a test computer or virtual machine. My favorite tool for creating a Windows 10 bootable flash drive is a free utility called Rufus, which you can read how to do here. He also has contributed to other notable tech sites including InformationWeek and How-To Geek.
The whole thing runs rather too slow for me but maybe that is down to the new Windows 10 Technical Preview with update 9926 being installed on a partition on my laptop. I was rather hoping that it would do a clean install as I had already backed my files and apps on a desktop hard drive to sae in case of serious problems with the new windows. Cannot fathom why Microsoft have been unable to complete this universal application in time for the preview.

When I first logged in to the system on my laptop I was offered two options, one to accept the install and carry on loading the software and the second option was a rollback to the previous version of windows 8.1 update 1.
At the time of download the newest update 9926 was available so downloaded the new windows as well as this latest update.
Is it too difficult to program universal applications – after all Microsoft has only had about 4 years to perfect the craft!
On the third time I remebered what I read some where and deleted the antivirus program I had installed. When the laptop reaches the end of its product cycle or I decided to upgrade to a newer laptop with no operating system, to my horror I discovered that Windows XP refuses to accept my product key which I paid for together with my previous laptop, from my understanding, the specific key is tied down with the hardware (acer), likewise, a Windows OEM key meant for Dell will only works with dell machines, probably I am wrong.

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