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Does your Windows 7 laptop touchpad automatically click when you’re hovering over a file name or web address? This option is called tapping (or tap-to-click) and can easily be disabled by following the simple steps below.
When the Mouse Properties box opens for your trackpad, choose the Device Settings tab to the far right, then click the Settings button below Devices. In just three easy steps, now you can click when YOU want to click – not when your mouse decides to.
How to Restore Your Windows Computer to an Earlier DateLearn how to restore your computer to an earlier time.

You may need to change the permissions on the Backgrounds folder by adding the Modify permission or you may get an error when trying to save there and you may be prompted by UAC to allow the file copy. After changing my desktop theme, I notice my logon background reverted back to the original. Like many of us, you have probably found it to be annoying at times, especially when it clicks somewhere you never meant to click. Over the last dozen years, Paul has worked “hands-on” in an IT Operations role deploying and supporting a multitude of technologies, such as Network Infrastructure, Windows and Linux servers, most Microsoft Back Office & Infrastructure applications, Virtual Computing, Mobile Computing and Information Security. I was starting to get tired of the Windows 7 logon background, which in my opinion, looks like a default Twitter theme.

So I did some research and found that Microsoft has made it especially easy to change this background.

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