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Twitter erupted as Patna Pirates demolished Jaipur Pink Panthers to win the Pro Kabaddi 4 final and defend their crown in style.
Patna Pirates defeated Jaipur Pink Panthers to win their second Pro Kabaddi titlePatna Pirates created history by beating Jaipur Pink Panthers to win the Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 title and thereby becoming the first team to claim the coveted trophy twice. In this season of the Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League five players stood out from the rest with their raiding skills.
The 23-year-old Sonepat boy, currently with the Telugu Titans, has been one of the most outstanding defenders of the league. Ajay Thakur has been a force to reckon with ever since the first season of Pro Kabaddi League. Kuldeep Singh tackles Rajesh Narwal of Jaipur Pink Panthers as the Patna Pirates players look onThe finale was a glittering affair between two teams looking to become the most successful in these nascent stages of the Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League.
Kerri Walsh Jennings is a professional beach volleyball player and philanthropist who is most famous for winning the gold medals in the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympic Games with her partner Misty May-Treanor. Aside from winning the Olympic Games, Kerri has also been a three-time World Champion, and has received numerous awards and honours for her accomplishments in the sport worldwide. Kerri’s extraordinary talent for playing volleyball comes from her inmost passion and interest for the game.
A lot of people do not really appreciate much of who they are as they get older, but not Kerri. Being stagnant stops one from advancing forward, and that is why Kerri never allows herself to stay where she is—she keeps on moving forward, always ready to take on the next challenges that would come her way. Throughout her years of being a professional volleyball player, Kerri has learned that it is not about the winning moment—it is about enjoying each and every moment of the game.
Ultimately, greatness and success for Kerri do not come from just training hard; it comes from the very simple decisions that she makes every day—decisions that would later on have a great effect in her life and career. Today, Kerri looks forward to winning another game, and has set her sights on the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.
She is a firm supporter of several charitable organizations, including the American Red Cross. Born in an athletic family, it seemed that Kerri was always destined to follow in her parents’ footsteps and establish her own name in the world of sports one day. And so, Kerri started out playing sports as early as she can remember; from baseball to basketball, she tried out every kind of sport that she encountered, greatly developing her body for playing.
Upon her graduation from middle school, Kerri studied at the Archbishop Mitty High School in the city of San Jose, where she became a varsity player in the game of volleyball.
It was also during this time that Kerri first met Misty May Treanor, whom she would later on develop a deep friendship with as they became partners. After graduating from high school in 1996, Kerri pursued her studies and became a varsity player at Stanford University, where she took a course on American studies. In 1996, she was named as a Final Four MVP, while in 1999 she was a co-National Player of the Year (alongside Lauren Cacciamani, who was from Penn State University). While she was still at Stanford, Kerri’s skill and prowess at playing volleyball already made it evident that she was Olympic material. In 2001, Kerri moved from indoor volleyball to beach volleyball and started partnering with Misty May Treanor, another equally famous and skilled volleyball player whom she played against in high school and college. In the 2008 Summer Olympic Games which was held in Beijing China, Kerri and Misty once again dominated the volleyball spotlight and won the gold medal by defeating the Chinese team in the final matches without losing any sets. This same year, Kerri and Misty also successfully defended their title at the AVP Crocs Championship, and was named as the Team of the Year by the Association of Volleyball Professionals (their first was in 2007).
In 2010, Kerri’s long-time beach volleyball partner, Misty, decided to lie low and quit playing volleyball professionally.
Misty’s decision to retire from professional volleyball was something that Kerri accepted, but the duo later on played for the last time when they joined the 2012 Summer Olympic Games which was held in London. Out of all her championships, Kerri treasured the 2012 Olympic gold because it was the last time that she and Misty played together. Sometime after the Olympic Games, Kerri was discovered to be five weeks pregnant while she was participating in the events. Even though Kerri is busy with all of her ventures and successes, she never forgets the most important role that she has to play—being a mother to her three children.
I want to step up to every challenge and hit home runs and just enjoy every step of the way.
It is important to teach my boys about having goals, dreams and having the courage to face them.
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Support this Extraordinary Person by joining their Facebook Group, Tweet, or use the social media tools on the left to share this page and help Kerri Walsh Jennings Change the Game. September 21, 2010 by Sports Car Digest 1 Comment An ex-Masten Gregory Jaguar C-Type has been consigned to RM Auctionsa€™ Automobiles of London sale, returning 27th October, 2010. Finished in cream with suede green interior trim, chassis number XKC-015 left the Browns Lane factory on 14 October, 1952 for delivery to Charles Hornburg, Jaguara€™s US West Coast dealer based in Beverly Hills. Gregorya€™s winning streak continued behind the wheel of XKC-015, driving the car to victory at an event in Stillwater, Oklahoma, followed by a win at the Guardsman Trophy race at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, as well as at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska. After Gregorya€™s ownership, XKC-015 passed through the hands of various well-documented owners, where it continued a career as both a competition and road car. XKC-015 joins a roster of over 100 motor cars slated for RMa€™s 2010 London sale, with entries sourced from 16 countries around the world.
I was a course official at the race at Offut Air Force Base SCCA Race in August of 1953 and was impressed with Maston Gregory’s relaxed and smooth style of driving and his easy win. The defending champions were led by the young dynamite Pardeep Narwal, who saved his best for the last and absolutely destroyed the Jaipur Pink Panthers defence. The defending champions, Patna Pirates, clearly one of the most balanced teams in the league. Along with Misty, Kerri has been proclaimed by many volleyball critics and commentators to be the greatest beach volleyball team of all time, and has been the first team in the history of the sport to win three consecutive gold medals in the Olympic Games.
This is the kind of mentality that you would see in Kerri Walsh Jennings, who is among the top volleyball players in the world today. She has been named as the Best Blocker by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) for four years, the Best Hitter for three years, and the Most Valuable Player by the Association of Volleyball Professionals for two years. The moment she was introduced to the sport, Kerri immediately knew that she was going to be playing volleyball for a long time. The older gets, the more she begins to find satisfaction in taking the attention away from herself to others, especially her children. This is why she got to where she is today; she is not just interested in her own well-being, but also for the well-being of others. Kerri’s motivation in playing the game is winning, and she never lets any obstacles get in her way. Aside from this, it also teaches us to value the people around us, as we could never be victorious on our own.
She comes from a line of mixed ancestries, and has Italian, Irish, Austrian, Scottish, and Canadian blood through her parents Timothy Joseph Walsh and Margery Lee. Kerri’s father, Timothy, was a minor league baseball player, while her mother Margery was a former two-time Most Valuable Player in volleyball at Santa Clara University. While she was studying at the Baymonte Christian School, Kerri was well-known by her teachers and classmates to be very energetic and outgoing, often joining school sports competitions and even winning them. During her time at Archbishop Mitty, Kerri led the school team to win three consecutive state championships in indoor volleyball, from 1993 to 1995. Although both Kerri and Misty would play against each other throughout high school and college (due to the fact the Misty was playing for another team), the duo developed such a respect for each other. At this point, Kerri’s volleyball career kept moving upward, and in the next two years she led the university’s team to win national titles in the sport.
She joined the United States National Team for indoor volleyball after trying out, and became a part of the team that later on competed in the 2000 Summer Olympic Games. Throughout the following years, their partnership grew deeper, and the duo became unstoppable in every challenge they faced on the court. Throughout the entire series, their team never dropped any sets, eventually facing Brazil in the final. In 2006, the duo won the AVP Crocs Cup and received the World Sportswomen of the Year Award. The Chinese team, which was first-seeded (Kerri’s team would have been the first seed if it were not for the home rule, which placed China on the top spot due to them hosting the Olympic Games), did not stand a chance against the amazing tandem of Kerri and Misty, who not only won the gold medal but also broke volleyball records (and their own) by winning one hundred twelve matches in a row, and nineteen consecutive tournaments.
In the next two years, Kerri had to pause playing volleyball due to her being pregnant with her two kids.
This decision saddened Kerri, who greatly valued their amazing partnership on the court and believed that the only reason why she was able to win championships for the past two years was because of their style of volleyball play. After making several easy wins against opponent teams from Australia, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic and China, Kerri and Misty once again captured the gold medal when they defeated their fellow American team.
However, doctors soon confirmed that Kerri’s participation in the games neither put herself nor her fetus in danger. Deemed one of the most genuine and original, matching-numbers competition C-Types in existence, chassis number XKC-015 boasts successful racing history and an unbroken chain of ownership.

The example on offer, XKC-015 is a wonderful illustration and an exciting addition to our London sale,a€? Girardo adds. Today, it is offered for sale as an authentic C-Type with a wonderful patina, while also benefiting from a full mechanical restoration by a marque specialist. On-the-button mechanically, it is ready to take to Europea€™s most prestigious motoring and racing circuits, A including the Monaco Historic Grand Prix, Le Mans Classic and the Mille Miglia to name a few,a€? adds Girardo. Not only were the Pirates amazing in attack, their defensive combination of Fazel Atrachali and Hadi Oshtorak delivered big time.Social media went into a frenzy as Patna Pirates completed their demolition of Jaipur Pink Panthers and tweets kept flowing in. The Jaipur Pink Panthers, the winners of the opening season, a surprise finalist after a late resurgence. Kerri’s amazing passion and skill for volleyball truly reflects on the accomplishments she has garnered all these years.
It is her love for volleyball that enabled her to push beyond her limits and develop a skill that made her the best in the world. Maturity is something that Kerri has come to value, as it keeps her reminded of how far she has already gone through. Most often, people focus too much on the winning part that they tend to get burnt out and end up quitting because they become impatient when the things start getting hard.
Finally, her story also helps us understand that in order to become great, we must always remember that it is about the choices we make in life that would shape our future.
Both of Kerri’s parents passed their interests to their children, thus inspiring Kerri and her siblings to play sports as well. Aside from this, Kerri was also a bright student, and impressed her teachers with her analytical mind. Often being named as the best volleyball player of the school, not only did Kerri lead the team through volleyball championships, but she also helped them win a state basketball championship in 1995. During her sophomore year at Archbishop Mitty High School, Kerri asked for Misty’s autograph. For the next four years (1996 to 1999), Kerri was named the first-team All-American, making her the second player in NCAA history to have achieved this feat.
Kerri faced several challenges along the way, such as being wrongfully accused of taking drugs (as a result of a false positive on a drug test, which was later on cleared after she retested), which caused her to miss the first few games.
In 2002, Kerri and Misty won the FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) tour, which placed them in the spotlight of the international volleyball community. Like with the previous sets, where they easily dominated their opponents, Kerri and Misty won against the Brazil team, and went on to win the gold medal. The following year, in 2007, the team once again proved their skill when they won the World Championships.
A few months later, however, Misty once again partnered with Kerri and the duo won a silver medal at the 2011 World Championships. And through the experiences that she has, Kerry always instils in her children the value of having a dream and fighting for it. Patna drew away midway through the match before subduing the Jaipur team with their forceful brand of attacking Kabaddi to win the title 37-29.Rajesh Narwal got the game going with a splendid super raid that eliminated three Panthers off the mat in a singlular moment of brilliance. But for Kerri, once you start enjoying every moment of your life, you will end up winning right before you even expect it. The following year, she was named as the very first Girl’s National Volleyball Player of the Year by ESPNHS. Eventually, her team landed fourth place in the final rankings, but this never disheartened Kerri, who was ever determined to show that world what she was made of. This victory further established Kerri’s career as the best female volleyball player in the world, with her winning numerous awards and recognitions from various volleyball organizations. Kerri bore Casey two children: Joseph Michael (born in May 2009), Sundance Thomas (born in May 2010), and Scout Margery (born in April 2013).
To put things in a nutshell, Jaipur simply did not have the firepower to beat a team like Patna, which had immense talent.Champions again! Only three minutes remained with the Panthers needing to step up their game at 23-31.Jasvir had been an imposing presence on the night but the Pirates conceded a bonus point before snapping up the star raider. There was only a little time left on the clock and Pirates started to work the clock to their advantage.Pardeep made a couple of empty raids just to consume time before Jasvir came on for one final time in the fourth season of the PKL. Patna Pirates turned on the after burners and put their foot on the gas pedal to race ahead of their opponents.We gave it our all with our ardent spirit & enthusiasm!

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