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Count on Berlin, site of the historic 2006 World Cup, to bring culture into play in the International Soccer Film Festival: "Football and film have discovered that they have a lot in common. Director and ex-soccer player Sonke Wortmann (see photo) gained unprecedented access to Klinsmann's German team during the World Cup in Germany in 2006, a sports event that reshaped how the country looks at itself. Finally, in Sebastian Grobler's 2011 comedy "Lessons of a Dream“, Daniel Bruhl takes us back to where and when it all began.
Whether you're watching the games or the films: May the best team win (It wouldn't hurt of course if it was Germany after all this time.
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Jutta is lucky to love what she does: arts & cultural programming across the genres & through a global lens. Persol e da sempre un marchio caratterizzato dallo stile italiano, che pesca a piene mani dal vintage, e dall'avanguardia delle tecnologie impiegate per fabbricare occhiali da sole unici e di grande impatto visivo.
Ed e stato proprio Wim Wenders ad indossare i nuovi modelli dell'oramai storico Cellor, negli studi di Cinecitta, durante le foto promozionali scattate sul set di 'Vai Paparazzo': un corto che si ispira a La Dolce Vita e che rappresenta un omaggio al grande cinema italiano degli anni '50.
Proprio come i nuovi occhiali da sole della collezione Cellor, che Wenders indossa scrutando attentamente gli attori all'opera. Ma le novita non terminano qui: Persol ha infatti deciso di arricchire un'altra linea di occhiali da sole molto particolare.
La nuova versione vanta contorni assottigliati e aste flessibili, con tanto di classica freccia laterale.

Football fan Wim Wenders recently gave his analysis and prediction: He'd be happy to see Brazil win, believes in the power of the young German team, and even thinks Belgium has a chance. Football films depict the social and cultural background of the sport all over the world, its unique ability to simultaneously signify norms and rebellion, riches and poverty, solidarity and fanaticism.
Almost 2 billion people followed the kick-off live on television, and German director Andi Rogenhagen, along with 40 colleagues, captured the most decisive moments in his global documentary "The Final Kick". His 2003 thoughtful feature film “The Miracle of Bern” tells the dramatic story of Germany's 1954 first post-war championship-winning soccer team. Based on a real story, he plays an exitable young English teacher, who brings soccer from England to Germany in the late 19th century.
THR has already cast this uncanny team, starring Andrew Garfield as Thomas Muller, Kevin Costner as Jurgen Klinsmann and Christian Bale as Lionel Messi. Our blogger Jutta Brendemuhl is the Goethe-Institut Toronto's Program Curator and happy to hear from you. Over the past 15 years, she has worked with Bernardo Bertolucci, Robert Rauschenberg, Wim Wenders, Pina Bausch, and other luminaries.
Il piu bello e senza dubbio il PO9714S: la rivisitazione Persol del celebre modello 714, indossato da Steve McQueen nel film 'Il caso Thomas Crown', senza rivali nel campo del design degli occhiali da sole.
Asked which players he'll be keeping an eye on (from the roof-top big screen of his Berlin apartment), he noted Messi, Gotze, and Ozil. On screen, we travel to a Dominican monastery in the Czech Republic, sit in front of a mega-screen at the train station in Beijing, visit the harem of the most famous folk singer in Cameroon, the fish market in Seoul, and a prison in Minsk.

Wortmann approached it like an "animal documentary“, "slowly and carefully approaching the species“ --the international soccer pro that is.
The film won the Prix du Public UBS Locarno among others and led to much debate about Germany's repositioning in the world after Nazism.
Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich met in London's Wembley Stadium to decide who the best team in Europe is today. She is one of the Directors of the European Union Film Festival Toronto and its programmer of German films.
The sport is full of wonderful images, sympathy and antipathy with protagonists, bitter defeats, tragic heroes. The doc premiered at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin in front of 2000 people, among them the team and Chancellor Angela Merkel. You get to relive the first ever all-German Champions League Final with the two clubs that have ruled the Bundesliga for the past years.

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