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The Willys Station Wagon was introduced by Willys-Overland in 1946, the same year in which it introduced the Universal CJ Series. The Willys Wagon, also called Station Wagon, has the distinction of being the first all steel station wagon by at least three years. Over it’s nearly twenty year production run, the Willys Wagon went through many changes, some significant, others not.
The Willys Wagons had inline four cylinder engines through 1947 but upgraded to an inline six beginning with the 1948 model year. Just as in previous years, the Willys station wagon had a selection of different engines for the 1952 model year. For some sample values, as of this writing we see a 53 Willys Utility Wagon, excellent condition and rust free, priced at $23,500.
Okay, okay - before you blast me for yet another S-10 frame swap post, I assure you: this one is different.
Since this thread has started, it's turned into something of a vast repository of information, full of tech and how-tos, and other information specific to the S-10 chassis. There is a LOT of info here, and let's face it - nobody probably has time to read the entire thread.
I've heard that one of the easiest swaps is 40s K-Series International pickups, by the way. Then its just make new body mount on the frame to bolt to the body , and trim a little and box under the rear seat for the frame kickup. I know that most say to use a regular cab with long box but they are not as easy to find as short boxes or extended cabs.
It’s interesting to note that some regarded the Willys Wagon or Station Wagon as more of a truck than a car.

In general, it could be said that the Willlys Wagons were underpowered considering their weight and size.
The Jeeps of course have a solid following and strict passenger cars were a part of Willys’ past. Also, a 1952 fully restored in show condition for $36,000 and a restored 1951 model with a $24,900 asking price. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. A lot of people ask me for specific dimensions and measurements, so I posted this at the top! Brooks Stevens not only designed automobiles but also kitchen appliances, architecture and even the Miller Brewing logo.
These included a modified grille that was made to form a pointed ā€œVā€ in the center, with 5 horizontal bars added to the 9 vertical ribs.
The Willys Station Wagons such as the one featured in this article has gained collector popularity as years passed. Track width and frame width are the same with the track width being slightly narrower as a bonus. The design was unique, not only the all steel construction but also because the Willys Wagon had a front end that resembled the wartime military jeep.
The vehicle also gained a reputation as a safe vehicle that was relatively easy to maintain.
The changes in available engines in 1950 included an F-134 Hurricane for the 473 model, and a new 161 cu in (2.6L) version of the Lightning six for the 673 model.
Willys eventually moved from the United States to Brazil, where it was engaged in the production of jeeps until 1983.

For the 1950 model year Willys added another model to the lineup with it’s new Sedan Delivery version. Jeep finally ended up being a part of the Chrysler Corporation where it resides today and of course is quite popular. Like most other collectible vehicles, the more original and the more restored Willys Station Wagons will fetch the higher price. Frame is boxed from the front to midway of the length, that would put it at just behind the door.
Comes stock with power steering, power disc brakes, IFS, newer ones come with 4 wheel disc brakes. The Warlock has gold pinstripe scrolling that outlines the wheel wells and body lines, along with the inside of the door, the dash and around the instrument cluster.
In 2011 the Warlock had a complete Fuel Induction Clean-Up which included replacing the gasoline supply, dropping the tank and putting a new fuel filter in, a new fuel pump, and a new fuel gauge sending unit.
Other examples with different digits are described below.)"The last five digits of my Jeep's serial number (87800) occur in two places on my frame. LLC Shipping Premier Exotics Automobili. 00 NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is due within 24 hours of auction close by clicking the Buy It Now feature. 00 of the NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT must be received via one of the methods outlined above within 48 hours of auction end or within 48 hours of clicking the Buy It Now feature.

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