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Upon examination with a flashlight, I have found that there is dust on both lenses but the right lens has a large cloudy spot that looks like a cataract. While she works alongside Kai in their father's blacksmith shop, Nya is abducted by the Skulkin army during their attack on Four Weapons Blacksmith and used by Lord Garmadon as bait to lure her brother to the Fire Temple. Nya soon moves in with the Ninja, though she relocates with them to the Destiny's Bounty after the monastery was burned by the Serpentine.
As time went on, Nya continued to aid the Ninja, and even claims the victor of Pirates versus Ninja. After the apparent death of Zane, the Ninja and Sensei Garmadon travel to Chen's Island, with Nya journeying there alongside Dareth several days later. With the Anacondrai Cultists banished to the Cursed Realm, Nya starts training to become the Water Ninja with the aid of her companions. Nya and her brother Kai were raised by their father, who was a blacksmith in the town of Ignacia. One morning the two were working in the store when Kai showed off how to craft a sword, only to make it too quickly and be rendered useless.
Moments later, a dark cloud appeared and the small village fell under attack by the Skulkin army.
The Fire Dragon soon realized that they were just trying to protect the weapon as well and became friendly with Nya and Kai.
Nya did as promised, and before long the Ninja returned, she rushed out overjoyed to see them, hugging both her brother and Jay.
With peace restored to Ninjago, Nya decided to move in to the Monastery of Spinjitzu with the Ninja.
At one point, Nya and Kai took a ride on the Fire Dragon, whom that had named "Flame." Suddenly, Flame veered off course and took the two to the Fire Temple where he showed them a secret entrance to the Underworld, which Wyplash a a few other Skulkin were using at the time.
Ninjago's era of peace soon came to an end as Nya heard that Lord Garmadon had been spotted approaching Jamanakai Village. While the Ninja were away, Nya used the time to attempt to beat her brother's record on the training course. During her visit, Nya witnessed Lloyd raid the village again for candy, only this time with the Hypnobrai, who promptly control all of the village's citizens. During the ensuring battle, Cole managed to take the Staff from Slithraa, though briefly falls under the hypnotism of Skales before Nya dealt the snake warrior a kick in the face.
Wu soon arrived and the Ninja, realizing the error of their ways, asked their sensei to help them reach their true potential.
At one point Nya watched a sad movie with Jay and Zane, though she was surprised that Zane found it humorous.
The next day after the Ninja had left to destroy Lloyd's Treehouse Fortress, Nya and Wu rode Flame to the scene, arriving just it time to save them from the collapsing structure.
Nya and the Ninja lived for a short time in a makeshift shelter in the Sea of Sand until Zane discovered the Destiny's Bounty and they made it their new home. The next day, Nya went out to collect some things with Wu and returned to the Bounty to discover that the Ninja had entirely cleaned the ship up.
After Pythor stole the Map of Dens from Lloyd, Nya figured out the locations of the Constrictai and Venomari tombs based on the locations of the first three tombs.
After the Ninja get their new ZX suits, Nya reports that Serpentine are terrorizing the amusement park. Back at the Destiny's Bounty, the Ninja complain about their failed attempts to try and capture the Samurai.
During the Ninja's attempts to reach peak physical condition, Nya and Jay helped as additional weights for Cole. After Sensei Wu left to find someone to be of aid, Nya and the Ninja went to Jamanakai Village and hung up "missing Fang Blade" posters.
After some nearby villagers unearthed a Fangpyre skeleton, Nya examined it and determined that the effects of their venom could be undone if one's heart-rate is dramatically increased. Later in the day, she dawned her Samurai X attire and returned to the Bounty just as Jay asked to move their date to Mega Monster Amusement Park.
At the amusement park's restaurant, Nya and Jay split a meal, though it was still too large for either of them to finish. Finding a desert alleyway in the park, Nya changed into Samurai X and jumped into her mech.
Nya was tied to a roller coaster cart, bound for doom as the Serpentine had destroyed a part of the track. Fangblades and how to find them while Jay is still surprised she was Samurai X, something Kai was already over. Nya was seen in the audience during the show and cheered when the Ninja, as Spin Harmony, won.
After giving the Ultra Dragon its medicine, Nya provided Lloyd with a quick lesson about the dragon, explaining that it would be his one day.
During the Ninja's fight against Captain Soto's pirates, Nya suited up as Samurai X and came to the Ninja's aid, defeating the pirates.
While the Ninja are helping Lloyd train at the dojo, Nya walks into the room and invites Jay to come by the auto body shop, mentioning how he can help her fix the Ultra Sonic Raider in her off time.
While the Ninja were training the newly-aged Lloyd, Nya entered the training room with a watermelon, only for Zane's shurikens to be embedded in the fruit after Lloyd dodged the attack. Later, Nya joined the others in infiltrating the Lost City of Ouroboros for what they assumed would be their final battle against Lord Garmadon. In the past, the Ninja discovered Lord Garmadon's plan was to ruin the Skulkin's attempt to kidnap Nya (as seen in "Way of the Ninja"), thereby removing Kai's motivation to train. After being delivered to the Skulkin, events transpired in the same way as before for Nya until her brother rescued her at the Fire Temple. Nya soon received word that strange things were happening at the Ninjago Museum of History, and hurried to inform the Ninja.
When Ninjago City fell under attack by the Stone Army, Nya piloted the Destiny's Bounty to the designation evacuation point only finding it crawling with Stone Warriors.
Though they managed to fly the Bounty to the coast, the ship's boosters were beyond disrepair, and she reported this fact to the Ninja, who were concerned about another attack from the Stone Army.
That evening, Nya watched the horizon with Misako and Wu until Zane received word from his Falcon. While the Ninja began to look for the Temple of Light, Nya use the time to build the Fire Mech and stowed it at the back of the Earth Driller.
Nya was brought before Lord Garmadon and the Overlord, who were admiring the newly-completed Garmatron. The Ninja stayed behind to occupy their corrupted friend, while Lloyd, Sensei Wu, and Misako continued to chase the Stone Army. When the Stone Army began climbing the tower, Nya shot them off the stairs with her turret.
Nya watched the final battle between the Overlord and Lloyd, who unlocked his full powers as the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master and defeated the embodiment of darkness. With no evil to fight, Nya took a job as a teacher at Sensei Wu's Academy along with the Ninja. One day she exited her class during break and was offered pudding by Jay, though she declined. Upon arriving in the upgraded city, Nya became so distracted by all the new technology that she accidentally crashed the bus into the Postman's hover-car.
While on the tour, Nya and some of the female students came across a "Perfect Match" machine and Sally encouraged her to try it. Once at the school, Nya frantically searched for Lloyd, at one point coming across Dareth who was more concerned that he was missing his favorite show.
Nya met up with the Ninja outside Garmadon's Monastery and helped them hide their vehicles with branches. Nya and the Ninja snuck into the power station, avoiding the Nindroid guards and looked for a way to turn it off.
Both questions had to be put on hold though, as Nindroids suddenly attacked the place, and Kai ordered her and the other Ninja to protect the Serpentine. As they had no idea where Lloyd was, Borg proposed an alternate solution: scan the Ninja into the Digiverse so they could clear the hard drive remotely. While the Ninja entered the Digiverse, Nya watched over them, but became distracted when Borg's robotic legs appeared and attacked him, forcing Nya to help the inventor.
The Postman then alerted them that they had failed to stop the Nindroids and they were coming up. The four managed to escape to Garmadon's monastery and once they re-established contact with the Ninja, Nya warmed them of the insects native to the comet that could eat through metal.
With the Ninja trapped on the comet, Jay and Cole began inquiring over who she would miss most, though Nya refused to give a definitive answer, instead asking if she could miss them both equally. As she emerged from her ruined mech, Nya encountered Cryptor again and the two fought, with Cryptor easily gaining the upper hand now that the samurai was without her suit. Nya was present at Zane's funeral, questioning what happened after this, and joined the other heroes by his statue as snow began to fall. Ninjago returned to peace and Nya and Wu decided to use that time to rebuild the Destiny's Bounty. Nya used the mobile base to search the Sea of Sand, yet was without luck until she encountered the Falcon. Nya eventually found herself in New Ninjago City, discovering that the noodle trucks providing Chen's Noodle House with goods disappeared at night.
However just as she was about to board the ferry, Nya was startled by Dareth who, mistaking her for an actually employee, begged her to tell Master Chen not to discontinue the puffy potstickers. By early morning, the ferry was in sight of Chen's island, and Nya and Dareth watched from atop the noodle trucks as they drew closer to shore.
Now outside the Palace, Nya attempted to sneak in but was stopped by Dareth who disguised her as one of Chen's Kabuki so she could sneak in undercover. Inside, she saw Chen threw a banquet for the final 8 and Garmadon, where she approached Jay, informed him of her knowing what happened to Cole, and told him, Kai, Lloyd and Garmadon about Dareth hiding in the D.B. She escaped to the rooftops, where she had a brief fight with Clouse before fleeing into the forest. Nya managed to stay out of sight and even witnessed Clouse capture Shade and the other Elemental Masters. It used to turn itself off when there was low sunlight shining directly onto it but now it does it in clear and non-glare weather. Although she started out as a blacksmith, she quickly acquired engineering skills after joining the Ninja, and was able to help Jay in the technical side. She returns to the blacksmith while the Ninja journey to the underworld, and rejoice when they came home successful.
She eventually becomes tired of being excluded from the team and creates the identity of Samurai X to fight the snakes on her own.
She gets a temporary job at the Autobody Repair Shop where she upgraded the Ultra Sonic Raider. However, when the Ninja and their students take their field trip to Borg Industries in New Ninjago City, she began wondering who her true love is - Cole or Jay.
Throughout the Tournament of Elements and the battles that followed it, Nya helped the Ninja however she could.
Hopeless with her new role in the hero business, she decides to quit the job but is stopped by Ronin who later insists her hydrokinesis techniques are real.

Kai suited up for battle and order Nya to stay inside, though not wanting to be left out of the action, she grabbed a Nin-Jo and joined her brother in battle. There, Garmadon threatened Kai to remove the Sword of Fire for him, warning him that he needed a weapon to sever the chain carrying his sister and save her, lest she be dropped into the lava below. Cole, Jay, and Zane soon arrived at the temple, and Nya mentioned that their father used to tell them stories about the Dragons and how they ferried between their world and the Underworld. She stated how happy she was they were back, though Kai was quick to remind her that it wasn't over, and that Garmadon would one day return. Kai however fell off the edge and was trapped by the Skulkin, though Nya and Flame sent them in retreat.
She rushed to warn the Ninja, who had become rather lazy with peace, and thus scrambled to get on their dragons.
As the Hypnobrai retreated, Nya orders Cole to place the staff in the fountain, so the anti-venom can be distributed through the water supply and restore the villagers back to their normal selves. As they left the village, Nya asked him when she would get her own dragon, though Wu assured her that her time would come. When Zane entered in a pink apron, Nya began to laugh with the others, noting that even she wouldn't wear such a thing. They returned to the monastery to find it engulfed in flames, as the Hypnobrai had burned it when they reclaimed their staff. She then noticed a car approaching and learned that it was Jay's parents who were coming for a visit.
Later, when the Ninja were trapped in the Toxic Bogs, Samurai X arrived and pulled them to safety before scaring off the snakes.
After realizing Lloyd isn't with them, the Ninja track him down to The Lost City of Ouroboros.
Jay mentioned that he thought Wu was getting the mysterious samurai for help, though Nya and Kai were quick to dismiss such an idea. She presented her findings to the Ninja at a meeting, though it was interrupted as Jay had been tricked into wearing perfume (which Nya was allergic to) by Kai. As her bracelet revealed that Serpentine had been spotted there, she accepted and dressed up for the occasion, though secretly hid her samurai gear inside her purse. Jay claimed that he was the first to get his knot badge in little scouts and that he tried daring foods, though Nya was increasingly distracted by the alert of nearby Serpentine. She arrived at the entrance of the Ghost Train ride just as Pythor and the other Serpentine were leaving with the first Fang Blade. Jay soon arrived to help her, though Pythor then ordered for the cart to be started on its wild ride. Both were surprised about it, though Cole expressed that he wished he had a sister like her. Cole soon discovered the next Fangblade was the Blade Cup, a trophy won by his father and his dance team, the Royal Blacksmiths and the Ninja set off to find out from Lou who had the Cup now.
Nya commented on how quickly Lloyd was improving, but Sensei Wu told his students to try the exercise again without holding back. When Lloyd froze the tip of Garmadon's Mega Weapon, the villain fled and left his minions to fight the Ninja; after defeating the Serpentine, Nya broke down the door of the building Garmadon had fled to, only to find an open time portal that Garmadon had summoned. Despite this, the Sensei Wu of the past was still able to convince Past Kai to come to the Monastery, largely due to Nya encouraging him to go. Instead of his own shadows, Past Kai was attacked by the future version of Lord Garmadon, who had formed an alliance with his past self.
As they raced off, Lloyd took the opportunity and handed off the bag of dragon droppings before she realized what it was. She relayed the dilemma to the team, who directed her to the top to the NGTV office tower instead. It was then that Misako advised that to go the Temple of Light where they would be able to unlock Elemental powers. When asked what his elemental power was, Nya suggested "hot air," to which Dareth interpreted as meaning he controlled the wind.
As fate would have it, they eventually crashed onto an island containing the Prison Lighthouse where none other than Zane's father was imprisoned. When the Ninja returned seeking vehicles, Nya noted that she had packed a surprise before giving Jay a goodbye kiss. Julien observed the events of the Temple of Light from the Bounty's display screen and celebrated when the Golden Dragon was summoned.
Julien repaired the Falcon, the mechanical bird discovered that the Ninja and Misako were being threatened by Garmadon's Samurai Mech. Nya insisted that the Ninja would stop the dark weapon, but Garmadon laughed at her defiance before using her as a test subject for the Dark Matter he intended to use against Ninjago. Despite being outnumbered, Nya held the upper hand against the Ninja, as they were unwilling to hurt her with their elemental powers. After the Overlord regained his true form and transformed the Garmatron into a massive fortress, Nya was stationed on a mobile turret on the outside of the building. With the Overlord's defeat, the darkness infecting Nya's body and mind disappeared, returning her to normal just in time to hug Kai and a similarly-recovered Jay. At one point during this era of peace, Nya and Jay established boundaries while the young boys in her classes barely listened. She informed the Ninja they had been given clearance for a field trip to tour the famed Borg Industries.
The young student noted that it would no doubt be Jay, but to everyone's surprise, it turned out to be Cole.
She presented Lloyd with his Techno Robes to protect him from drones and they entered the monastery where they were met by students of Garmadon. On the way, Nya explained that while shutting down the power would disable the Overlord and the Nindroids, they would still need to use the Techno Blades to wipe the system clean. They eventually decided to use the Silent Fist and let the Nindroids in and tricked them into destroying the station's core. There, they reunited with Borg and explained their suspicions as to who stole the hard-drive containing the Overlord. Upon confronting Skales, they learned that the Serpentine had reformed and the Snake King even had a son. Nya used her fan to defeat one of the warriors, though when Cole discovered their power source, she deactivated one just as it was attacking Jay. They gathered in his office in Borg Tower where he explained how it would work, but they were interrupted by the Postman and other savages who believed Borg was keeping all the power to himself. Cryptor order his forces to flee, though informed Nya that he looked forward to their second "date." She rushed up to Borg's office and celebrated their victory with the Ninja as well as being reunited with a restored Wu. However, the ninja soon managed to create a new spaceship and escape the comet, and Nya cheered along with the others at their success. Eventually Cryptor began taunting her, but Nya tricked Min-Droid into fighting the Nindroid General. They created plans at Garmadon's monastery and asked him for help, though he mysteriously disappeared shortly after. While working, Nya explained her dilemma between either Cole or Jay, though all she managed to do was put the sensei to sleep.
It was then that she discovered that Zane's beacon was emanating from a secluded island off the coast.
Hidden in an alleyway, Nya reported her findings to Wu and decided to follow them to find answers. Not wanting to arose suspicion, she pulled him inside and informed the Brown Ninja that she was undercover. After he was finished, she questioned how he was able to change her clothes in the process, though he only said "A Ninja has their secrets". However as an incentive, Chen promised that whichever Elemental Master found her first would be advanced to the final round of the tournament. She grew so confident in this role that even when Sensei Wu considered training her to be a full-fledged ninja, she declined.
When the Ninja set sail for the Island of Darkness, Nya accompanies them and while there, she designs the Fire Mech. Throughout the season, she struggles between the two, yet she ends the arguments so she can continue helping the Ninja. Eventually, she fully embraces her role by making a new ninja gi for herself, and in turn her new power begins to grow. However, she became a target for the Djinn, who wanted to marry her and get unlimited wishes for himself.
When they were young, their father would tell them stories of the Dragons; mystical creatures that belonged to both the world of the living and of the dead. They were soon interrupted as the shop was visited by an old man who complained that none of the merchandise were suited for a Ninja. Despite her pleads for her brother not to go by his demands, Kai unsheathed the Golden Weapon and severed the chain, freeing her just before she could be plunged into the lava. When Kai suited up on Flame, Nya inquired if she could do anything to help, but Kai told her that it was a job for a Ninja, only to then ask her to hand him up the reigns.
She informed them not to look the Hypnobrai in the eyes when they rattle their tails, and also noted that the General of the tribe is holding the Hypnobrai Staff, which contained the anti-venom to cure the villagers. Upon arriving, however, the Ninja find that Samurai X has taken care of the snakes, tying them up in rope.
Jay soon began complaining about how much he hated the Samurai, to which Nya quietly agreed with him about. Using one of the functions of her suit, she grabbed the blade only to find that her mech's boosters had malfunctioned.
Nya discovered that Jay had been bitten by the Fangpyre, though he hadn't told her so it wouldn't ruin their date. Kai noted that he had been the first to discover her secret and that meant they he would become the Green Ninja, though the others expressed no recollection of such a bet.
He kisses her as a distraction while he takes the keys to the vehicle and drives off, Nya not realizing it wasn't the real Jay. As they contemplated the new twist, Ouroboros began to flood with sand - Zane identified this as a consequence of the past being altered. Unfortunately, Past Kai was highly unmotivated since his sister was with him, forcing the Ninja of the present to kidnap Past Nya and deliver her to the Skulkin. More bizarrely still, Nya then bore witness to her brother fighting alongside the future version of himself, shortly before the future versions of the other three Ninja arrived with the Golden Weapons of the past. When she arrived, the Ninja and the city's inhabitants were there, but Stone Warriors pursued them.
Nya noted that the Bounty was unable to fly, but Misako was quick to remind her that as it was a ship, it would still be able to sail to the Dark Island. Sensei Wu soon announced that it was time to set sail, and Nya steered the ship out of port. However no sooner was it over land than a Stone Warrior used a boomerang to disable the mechanical bird.
They were ushered inside his makeshift home, and Nya listened with the others as the inventor explained how he survived. Nya came to the rescue in the Power Drill, but Garmadon caught up in the jungle and tossed the drill around.

Corrupted by the Dark Matter, Nya became a loyal servant of the villains, and was deployed against the Ninja when they attempted to pursue the Garmatron.
However, Zane eventually realized that they could use their powers on the environment instead, leaving Nya trapped in a dome of ice while the Ninja moved on. Nya then returned to attacking the Ninja as they climbed the stairs, watching their numbers dwindle as the Overlord infected Cole and Jay with darkness. The students were soon loaded onto the bus with Wu and the other Ninja, and Nya drove them to New Ninjago City.
Horrified of the results, Nya ordered them to tell anyone and they quickly continued on to the next part of the tour. She watched as both Cole and Jay played with them, her mind still on the results of the perfect match machine. Moments after she was cleansed using a Techno Blade, Nindroids appeared seeking the Techno Blades. They then descended into the sewers and Cole cautioned Nya about the old ladder, though he was too busy arguing with Jay to notice when Nya actually fell because of it. Nya and the Ninja were lead to a campfire where Acidicus told them of the Curse of the Golden Master, and how they believed it was referring to Lloyd. They quickly learned however that this was simply a diversion and that the true objective was capturing Lloyd. Yet before they could destroy the devices, Nindroids arrived and Nya sent the savages to stop them. However, their communications were discovered by Pythor who lead a squad of Nindroids to attack Borg Industries.
After receiving a message from a now restored Borg urging them to The Temple of Fortitude , the heroes set off into the city. Stealing the Destructoid, Nya arrived at the Temple of Fortitude just as the Ninja were leaving, though she did blast some Nindroids out of the way. She eventually asked for his wisdom, but he refused, and before the matter could be discussed further Misako arrived stating that she had yet to hear from Garmadon or the Ninja. Excited with this new development, she contacted Wu, stating that she may have found the Ninja.
Yet when he stated he was coming with her, she refused, by then it was too late and she drove the disguised mobile base onto the ferry.
Kai realized with her in disguise, she can get close to Clouse's Book of Spells and take the page with the spell. Nya attempted to leave but got dragged into the throne room by on of Chen's kabuki where she overheard Chen and Clouse talking about the possibility of a Kabuki spy and the spell being stolen.
Observing the masters parachuting down from the blimp, Nya decided to hide her trail by leaving fake footprints and inscribing the Samurai X symbol onto trees for the Ninja to follow. However she is captured by the Stone Army and is turned evil by Garmadon through the use of Dark Matter.
However, when The Preeminent arrives to take over the Sixteen Realms, she realizes her biggest struggle has been her fear of failure, and her confidence allows her to unlock her True Potential. After he died, the siblings inherited his shop, Four Weapons and Kai continued his father's legacy while Nya managed the store itself. After Kai told the man off for loitering, Nya motioned for him to attempt to make a sale, though by then the man had vanished.
Motioned to stay behind her brother, Nya watched as Garmadon summoned several shadows to mercilessly defeat Kai, remarking angrily on his underhanded tactics.
The two siblings then agree to part ways, and Nya tells the Ninja that she'll light a candle in the shop window until they returned.
After briefly distracting the group, she knocked Wyplash and Krazi to the ground before springing a trap on Chopov and kicking Bonezai. While the Ninja held a match to see who was the Green Ninja, Nya decided to instead visit Jamanakai Village.
As the Ninja prepare to attack, Jay makes Nya their honorary member of their team, much to her annoyance.
The Ninja are under the belief that whoever catches the Samurai will be the Green Ninja, and so place a bet. Pythor announces another Slither Pit for the entertainment of the Serpentine, to find out whether the Ninja or Samurai is stronger than the other.
Kai ordered Nya to return to the Destiny's Bounty while they followed the bird, and she begrudgingly agreed.
He soon excused himself however and when he didn't show signs of returning, she decided that duty called and raced out of the restaurant. She fled on foot with Serpentine pursuing her, though eventually was ambushed by Constrictai who disabled the mech. She then remembered Jay's accomplishment of being the first to receive the knot badge, though when she brought it up he admitted he had made it up to impress her. Jay then stated that he had learned that day of the importance of being himself, though Cole reminded them that the Serpentine now had the first Fangblade.
While the Ninja leapt through the portal to undo whatever damage Lord Garmadon was doing, Nya joined Sensei Wu and Lloyd in fleeing the city before they were buried alive.
During the kidnapping, Jay almost blew his cover when he automatically apologized to Past Nya for capturing her, but Past Nya was in too much of a fury to care.
After the Golden Weapons were used to destroy the Mega Weapon, Past Nya disappeared before Past Kai's eyes as history repaired itself. They attacked the boat's boosters, forcing Nya to take off despite Wu and Misako not there yet.
Kai and Nya rushed to comfort the disheartened Nindroid, though they were quickly distracted as a storm was growing on the horizon. When the idea of repairing the Bounty's rocket boosters came up, Nya pointed out that the rotors and gears were shot, though the inventor stated it didn't matter. After Lloyd disabled the Samurai Mech, Nya drove the Power Drill to the Celestial Clock, and watched the Ninja's search for the Helmet of Shadows' pedestal. She eventually broke free and reached the beach in time to join the Overlord's forces in passing through a portal to Ninjago City, leaving the heroes stranded on the Island of Darkness. When the Ninja arrived to support Lloyd, Nya destroyed an ice wall made by Zane, but retreated when Dareth took control of the Stone Army by donning the Helmet of Shadows. With Zane staying behind to fend off his corrupted allies, Nya confidently mocked Lloyd's chances of victory, but Kai destroyed her turret and engaged her in combat to allow the Green Ninja to reach the top of the tower.
Nya sprang into action to protect the children from the deadly machines, and they narrowly escaped the factory. She was confronted by Misako who recognized Nya's dilemma as she herself once had to choose between Wu and Garmadon. Lloyd began attacking them with his golden power, but Nya quickly urged him not to as it just made them stronger. Nya panicked think he meant that she and him had children, but after he corrected her, she explained that Dareth was looking after them. While the Ninja discussed the curse, Nya expressed her confusion that if the Serpentine didn't take the hard-drive, who was the culprit. Cryptor laughed but at that moment her suit crashed through the window, rolling over the Nindroids.
The Golden Master began raising the buildings higher, though Nya eventually manged to get over the wall. She, in turn, points out they have their work cut out for them as well since there's a spy in their mist.
Yet after the defeat of The Overlord, she is purified of the darkness and happily watches the sunrise with the rest of the team. In doing so, she drowns the vengeful monster, saving Ninjago and her friends, yet, with the destruction of the Cursed Realm came the deaths of all those inside it. Nya managed to take the upper hand by cleverly using a gong, but the noise caught Jay's attention and he came charging in, only to find Nya alright.
Although seeming to fight, Samurai X reveals he was just putting on a show until an opportunity presented itself, and helps the Ninja escape. Nya eagerly accepted, though quickly left before the perfume toxins could enter her blood stream. Pythor ordered her helmet be removed to discover the identity of the mystery man, though quickly corrected himself upon it being revealed the samurai was female. As the cart drew closer to the flaming hole, Jay began frantically calling for the Samurai to help them. Zane however sensed his sensei's plight and ordered Nya to descend so that when Wu and Misako jumped out of the tower, they landed on the deck of the ship. Unfortunately, they were unable to stop the countdown in time, and General Kozu captured Nya while the others fell off the mountain. They were picked up by the Ninja in a hover-copter and taken to the school bus where Kai ordered her sister to take the students back to the school and get Lloyd while they protected the city. She herself fending off several Nindroids using her fan before they fled using the monastery's waterwheel. She began to flirt with the Black Ninja, but Jay and Kai soon arrived to inform them they had arrived. Skales however did reveal to them that Pythor was in fact the only Serpentine that was so fond of using Electrocobrai.
She disposed of two Nindroids who were terrorizing the city, but was subsequently shot down. Despite most of the Cultists heading off to check, she wasn't off the hook and was forced to fan Chen. He questioned what the commotion was about, but she explained she had knocked over a few samurai helmets. It was then that Nya revealed that hadn't been entirely honest and that she was in fact the Samurai.
After the Nindroids left pursuing the Ninja's auto-piloted vehicles, Nya urged Lloyd and Garmadon to head to the Samurai X Cave to get whatever they needed to get as far away from New Ninjago City as possible. The ninja defeated Nadakhan by hitting him with a dart containing Tiger Widow Venom, however, Nya was hit as well and she died in Jay's arms.
Cole, Zane, and Jay landed together in the desert, but Kai landed nearby the Samurai, when he discovers that Nya is Samurai X. Nearing the end, Nya told Jay that she liked him best when he was himself and kissed him, restoring him back to normal. Dareth was soon captured and warned Nya that she was on her own, blowing her cover: she soon beat Chen back and escaped, but not before telling him his feet stink. She was resurrected by Jay's final wish, where she immediately embraced him and began their relationship anew. Coming to terms with this, the Blue Ninja was able to unlock his True Potential and save them.

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