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Footnote: Protestants call it a table, not an altar, we call it the supper, not the Mass, an ordinance, not a sacrament, and the bread, not the eucharist. First, some churches practice “closed communion” which means that only members can take communion. Other churches practice “open communion” which means that anyone who professes to be a believer in good standing with their local church may participate in communion with your church. One 11-year-old may be prone to peer pressure or have a seared conscience, while their 9-year-old sister shows evidence of conversion, a sensitive conscience, and a conceptual grasp of the symbolism. At this point we parents need a warning to resist the temptation to think, “My kid is special and has wisdom beyond his years.” Perhaps it would behoove you to get an objective evaluation from a church leader who knows your family.
A girl sees her mom baking and the next thing she is serving imaginary tea to her infant brother. It’s good to mimic some of what mom and dad do in church, like singing, giving, serving, and paying attention. If you are convinced of your child’s conversion, have you shepherded them through the decision to be baptized? Hey J, I’d say the big difference is what you allow adult believers who are visiting your church to do. I’ve never really understood the argument that you HAVE to be baptised to celebrate communion. When I think of pedo-communion, I usually associate it with pedo-baptism, that is infant baptism not just young children who have made a profession of faith. Also, is the Lords Supper the same meal that Paul later called “Love feasts” in the New Testament? Focus your energy on completing your education, getting a job, staying pure, and finding a godly lady who will consent to marry you.

In this case it is simple: according to the church’s membership process and definition, is the child a member or not?
Some show emotional or social maturity, others physical or spiritual astuteness, but rarely in any kind of predictable proportion.
Kids who are young have a tendency to want to please their parents (enjoy it while it lasts!). More common is the optimistic hope that the child is saved, which breeds leniency for them to take communion. He and his expanding troop of Archers live near Durban, South Africa (and pity anyone who doesn't). If you see membership and baptism as connected (which I do), and you see baptism as having a chronological priority to communion, don’t you end up with a closed communion? I am in membership (in good standing) at my church, so would I be able to take communion at yours? I think the idea of a believer who was not baptized, and yet functioning in a church enough to take communion, would have been a foreign concept to the NT church.
While I have high regard for some who sprinkle infants as a sign of being in the covenant community, I do take the view that it is not a valid, baptism. I don’t think we can enforce a one-size-fits-all-kids rule, like the height requirement on a roller coaster. Kids see how happy you are that they show spiritual interest and they crank up the enthusiasm. Make sure you, oh grown-up, don’t take communion this week just because everybody else is. The sanctity of sex is explicitly mandated in Scripture, but eligibility for communions is more implicit, and may concede exceptions — like a real case I know of when a person got saved in a Chinese prison where communion was possible, but baptism needed to be delayed.

If Jesus says we must be baptized, and person is perpetually unbaptized, how would that be different to being in unrepentant sin? If communion is for believers, and baptism is the first step of obedience for believers, then it follows that the latter will precede the former.
I believe Scripture itself leaves room for such a contingency as communion before baptism which is not a sin, just an inversion of logic. I covered myself with point #1, saying that you can’t have a one-size-fits-all standard. Baptism is mandated in Scripture for all believers, so one who is not obeying that command is not in a position to take communion, right? But the symbolism of the act was the main point of the remembrance, not the details of the quantity or type. If the child were a member in good standing at their home church, I’d be open to allowing them to partake at my church.
I do, however understand why pedo-baptists allow children to take communion, as you have said.
Thus, I take leavened bread to be an adequate manifestation of the symbol, though Jesus used unleavened bread. That kid neither partakes in communion, nor has he been baptized, but he illustrates that there are exceptions that break the mold.

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