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The latest BMW 5 Series hit showrooms late in 2010, which has served to drive down values of its excellent predecessor. The BMW 5 Series has been a stalwart of the executive saloon segment and the new model continues to set the benchmark for rivals.
BMW is renowned for its excellent range of engines and the 5 Series is no exception - it has everything from sedate 2.0-litre petrol units through economical diesels to the frankly insane V10 unit found in the flagship M5. The majority of 5 Series on the used market are diesels because of their lower fuel and taxation costs, which in turn lend themselves to better resale values. Mid-spec SE models are always worth a look because they include plentiful levels of equipment and they hold their value well. Easy to find, exceptionally well built, luxurious and, now, affordable; the BMW 5 Series is one of the best used buys in its class.
By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with the privacy policy. Now, we know from answering thousands of car buyers' questions that most people care more about reliability, low running costs, low tax, fuel economy and practicality than they do about how a car corners, sounds or looks, but we got into this job because we love cars and we'll always tell it like we see it.
You see, Mitsubishi 's new small car has a lot going for it; it's distinctly large inside the cabin (if not in the boot), well-equipped, cheap to tax, ostensibly fuel efficient and it comes with an eight-year warranty. That's a decent amount of equipment, but even so we feel that the Mitsubishi needs to be a couple of thousand Euro cheaper than it is. The BMW 740i for sale in Temple Hills MD from Car Smart is a vehicle that is tailored for the executive class. Fine handling, superb build quality and luxuries aplenty are where the bulk of its appeal lies but it's also cheaper and easier to find than rivals like the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the Jaguar XF. It's also available as an estate (called the Touring), which sold in smaller numbers and hangs onto its value especially well.

The 520d variants are especially good at blending strong performance and low running costs. Business Edition models come loaded with kit while standard versions are to be avoided - they're affordable but they're of little interest to potential buyers when you come to sell on.
The huge choice of engines means there's something for everyone and proven reliability along with the strength of the BMW badge on the bonnet make it a sensible long-term ownership prospect, too.
Job done for a lot of people, even when compared with the likes of the Skoda Citigo, SEAT Mii and Volkswagen up!
Plus, we find them, even the most basic of which, quite desirable, and astoundingly good to drive. No matter how attractive it is on paper, we suspect that many will be swayed by the power of some of the bigger brands.
Available as a sedan or a coupe, this vehicle emanates sophistication from every nook and cranny.
The engine is capable of producing up to 315 hp, providing plenty of power underneath the hood.
It packs a dedicated Navigations System that connects to a satellite to give you live traffic information and updates regarding the area you are traveling in.
Diesels are popular because of their low running costs and potent power delivery, though basic petrol versions are where the bargains are.
That's not to say that petrol variants aren't available, but, save for serious top-end models like the M5, standard petrol cars are less desirable and harder to sell on. Frugal diesel models are always the best place for your cash in the long run, too, and the 5 Series has proven itself on the reliability front over the years.
Starting from the minimal noise made by the engine to the stylish interior of the vehicle, which is just perfect (not overdone, not too little), the BMW 740i is the perfect combination of sophistication and elegance.

The car includes all of the latest technologies used by BMW in order to provide the perfect driving system, ranging from the Dynamic Traction System, the Dynamic Stability Control system as well as the Active Roll Stabilization system. There is a Logic 7 audio system as well as a Bang and Olufsen Surround Sound System, not to mention a Sirius XM Satellite Radio too.
Admittedly it's comfy enough in town, but there's a lot of lean through the corners and the steering is particularly long-winded. Available with an automatic key and voice command system, the BMW 740i starts up the second you want it to! There is a Park Assistant System, 4 Zone Climate Control Ventilation and a hands free trunk opening system for maximum convenience. The engine is a surprise though; it pushes the Space Star along with real verve despite producing only 80hp.
Those who are looking for comfort, convenience and style from their cars will be very happy with the BMW 740i for sale in Temple Hills MD, now available at Car Smart!
A glance at the specs confirms it's a light car, which no doubt helps its fuel economy and emissions figures. View More Testimonials- Nancy P., Templ Hills, MDAfter looking for the perfect Honda Accord for over two months, I found Car Smart Now and they had a great selection of Honda Accords.

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