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The VIN is the serial number that is made up of 17 digits and consists of different sections and meanings. Each Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is unique to that vehicle and is like a finger print for the vehicle.
Check out this short video below to learn exactly what the VIN means and what it can tell you about your vehicle.
Car identification number or vehicle identification number (VIN) is used for identifying the exact model of car you have and the engine that was put into it when it was manufactured. The 1st character of your car's vehicle identification number indicates the country where it was manufactured. Using the vehicle identification number of a vehicle, you can easily know the history of the vehicle. The correct VIN of your car is needed to properly identify the exact part numbers needed for your auto repairs. We have given much attention to vehicle security systems and the need to protect vehicles from vehicle loss through theft and hijacking.
There is however also a more basic component in the vehicle essential to the identification of vehicles – the VIN number! With a VIN, a motor vehicle can be looked up and checked in police and vehicles registration records.
However, the VIN is the number or code that is often tampered with as it is of crucial importance to identify any vehicle. Investigations have proved that in almost all vehicle-related crimes, the primary and secondary identifiers (licence number, VIN and engine number) have been altered or removed in order to conceal a crime or the identity of the vehicle. A SAPVIN (South African Police Vehicle Identification Number) can only be issued by the SAPS in accordance with the Road Traffic Regulation 56, promulgated in terms of the National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996. All vehicle owners should take the utmost care to avoid car insurance claims by protecting themselves from vehicle loss through theft and hijacking. We will strive to provide information that could assist vehicle owners not only in finding the best car insurance products, but also to keep their vehicles safe both on and off the roads!!
Is their a facilty available where I can enter my cars vin number and get detail about the vehicle. Why does all the correspondence I read mention 17 characters in a VIN number but my registration papers,licence disc and stamped number on the firewall of my vehicle only show seven digits ie Y072534.
The above number you mention could be the Unique number which is also usually stamped on the firewall and SAPVIN numbers usually starts with Chassis AAPV and Engine V.
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General BMW Questions Use this forum to ask general question about the BMW ownership and keep up on the latest BMW news. This is one of the better ones (modified from a Bimmerfest posting of the past for better organization so as to be more usable to the user). I remember looking at this a long time ago and noticing that it's not quite right for my wagon, and my M6 is nowhere in sight.
Great information,the only problem is the text is so wide I can't,and I'm sure others can't print it for a reference. If that doesn't work for you, the originals on Bimmerfest were in two parts (see the referenced E39 sticky thread if that helps) so maybe printing those (which are half the size) would work for you?
The 2nd character of your car's vehicle identification number indicates the manufacturer of the car. That is you can know the vehicle details such as Salvage history and multiple owner history of the vehicle. We have also discussed Datadot technology and how this enables the Police services to identify vehicles. The South African Insurance Crime Bureau has made available more information on the VIN number – and we would like to share this on the Car Insurance Blog.
However, given the illicit market for stolen vehicles and parts, this number is easily filed off and changed.
It enables the manufacturer to be identified, the vehicle type, the individual production serial number and, in most cases the year of the vehicle model to be established. From roughly 1980 onwards, all VINs have consisted of 17 characters and commenced in all cases with the World Manufacturer Identifier Code (WMI) for each individual manufacturer, for example WDB for Daimler Chrysler.
Each manufacturer places this unique number in both visible and non-visible positions for identification purposes. To be able to sell the vehicles in South Africa, the original identity of the vehicles needs to be changed or concealed. The VIN of a so-called scrap vehicle is frequently used to give another vehicle a false identity. Please pay attention to difference between front and rear or right hand and left hand or upper and lower or outer or inner. It's shrunk down to the minimum that would barely fit in a Bimmerfest post also, so there's not a lot I can do to make the text more printable other than those suggestions above. A manufacture that makes less than 500 vehicles doesn’t need a Vehicle Identification Number on the vehicle. The 3rd character of the vehicle identification number indicates the vehicle type or manufacturing division.

You can also know the whether the vehicle is stolen or rescued vehicle, insurance claim vehicle or not, totaled or reclaimed vehicle, odometer tampering details, and whether the vehicle is subjected to water or flooded damage, major body frame damage, fire or related damage, etc.
Using the correct VIN record of the used car, you can find if the car was subjected to major accident damage or not.
This allows stolen or hijacked vehicles to be relicensed under a new identity, the parts to be sold, or the vehicle to be exported. The VIN is normally machine-applied to the vehicle during the production process at the manufacturing plant. The VIN is placed in a prominent non-removable position on a vehicle’s bodywork or chassis and also on a plate fixed to the same bodywork.
The easier it is to remove or conceal the identity of a vehicle, the more desirable the vehicle will be to criminals. The SAPVIN consists of 17 alpha-numerical characters that are affixed to the chassis and 11 alpha-numerical characters that are affixed to the engine. A number on the part itself is sometimes the same as a parts-number, but most of numbers on the parts themselves make us confused.
You can also find out whether car is a stolen or salvaged car, and whether it is an insurance claim car or not. Tuning companies constitute an exception to this rule as they normally stamp the VIN on by hand, although even in these cases a complete identification is always possible.
A SAPV1N is issued when a vehicle does not have a VIN, an engine number, when a VIN or engine number has been duplicated or when a VIN or engine number has been altered, defaced or obliterated.
VINs are recorded in accidents, insurance records, and when work is done on a vehicle by a body shop, dealership or mechanic. If the sticker is tampered with or someone tries to remove it, it is destroyed, in the process indicating foul play to the authorities. The 9th character of the vehicle identification number is a VIN accuracy check digit which is used to verify the accuracy of the transcription of the vehicle identification number. The 10th character of the vehicle identification number indicates the model year of the car. The 11th character of the vehicle identification number indicates the assembly plant for the car. The 12th to 17th Characters of the vehicle identification number are useful in identifying the correct part numbers for ignition, fuel, emission and engine components.

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