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By using our website you consent to accepting cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Unlike many 4x4s or people carriers, estate cars typically drive like a regular saloon or hatchback, have sensible running costs plus a large and practical boot that is easy to load. The E-Class Estate is available with an extra pair of seats, which fold away beneath the floor of the boot when not in use. The most fuel efficient model in the range is the 1.6 TDI BlueMotion, capable of more than 85mpg. The VW Golf is one of the UK’s best selling cars, but the seventh generation version of the Golf estate only went on sale in July 2013.
There is a simple reason why the BMW 3 Series Touring is so much fun to drive: the engine drives the rear wheels unlike the majority of modern cars which are driven by the front wheels. Used car buyers after a fun estate should test drive either the 330d or 335d Touring models. This is not the largest estate car you can buy, but it can just about accommodate most things a family will need to lug around. Estate cars are great for any motorist looking for a cheap car which is also hugely spacious for both kids and shopping, or other types of luggage. When viewing cheap used car deals here at Perrys you can find a wide selection of estate models from across our network of dealerships. Brilliantly low-priced examples of the current-generation Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer can be found at select Perrys Dealerships for way under £10,000. For the low price you can get your hands on not only one of the best looking estate cars around but also one of the class leaders. The Astra Sports Tourer excels in many areas including boot space, ranging from 500 to 1,550 litres, and also in efficiency with its ecoFlex diesel units. The standard Peugeot 207 was a high-selling supermini which has since been succeeded by the successful 208.
The Peugeot 207 SW is great for smaller families as it retains the smooth and agile driving ability of a small car but still offers good practicality.
While it’s far from the biggest family estate around, the 207 SW is still able to offer a boot with 325 litres capacity at minimum. The cabin is also fairly roomy and standard equipment includes front electric windows, child seat anchor and a height adjustable driver’s seat. A used Citroen C5 Tourer represents a real bargain as the French estate car offers a very comfortable experience to the driver and passengers.
Used examples of the previous generation Ford Focus Estate are not only available for a very cheap price, but are still decent family cars in their own right. The Focus Estate has the same engaging steering and steady body control which has made the family car name such a hit for many years. The standard boot size of 482 litres is competitive in comparison to many more modern family estate offerings. The Peugeot 308 SW, based on the previous generation family hatchback, looks like most other family estates but there’s an interesting twist.
Unlike most estate cars, the 308 SW actually has two extra seats at the back, giving it up to seven in total.
When the extra seats are folded down the 308 SW offers 573 litres of boot space and when the middle row is folded the total loading space is an incredible 2,149 litres. The Skoda Octavia Estate offers rugged build quality and no-nonsense carrying ability at a price that's scarcely credible.
Skoda's original Octavia was always a rather appealing car but the estate versions have always seemed to make a little bit more sense. The Octavia Estate has had a rather piecemeal development with each product line being introduced as and when it became available.
In five-door form, the Octavia has already been a roaring success throughout Europe, offering Mondeo-sized virtues at Astra-sized prices.
Ask a Skoda dealer what goes wrong with Octavias and you're likely to have a short, if slightly dull, conversation. Whilst not recommended, if you were to close your eyes whilst driving an Octavia you'd think you were in a Volkswagen. Dennis Buyacar Ltd, 30 Cleveland Street, London, W1T 4JD (GB09151058) (FRN:667368) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
Although it's hardly the most exciting car on the market, Vauxhall's Astra Estate is a model that deserves recognition.
When the Astra Hatch was announced, Vauxhall made great play of the fact that they could design a sleek, sexy looking car without too much emphasis on overall practicality, due in no small part to the fact that they could rely on their more practical cars like the Zafira for the more family-friendly duties. The load bay has straight side walls and storage areas below the floor and in either side, maximising the amount of genuinely useable space available. Load lugger or otherwise, Vauxhall haven't compromised the Astra Estate's driving dynamics and it's fitted with the same advanced suspension system as the Hatch. This was an optional extra, so when researching used cars, ask the seller to confirm whether they were fitted. Choosing which is right for you will come down to the price and condition of the car as much as performance requirements. We found a 2010 60-reg E250 CDI Estate Avantgarde with 88,000 miles on the clock within our price range. So an affordable estate car that can travel over 72 miles on a gallon of diesel is a very good thing indeed. But because that version costs significantly more than a 1.6 TDI S, so most drivers choose the S instead.

That means there are only nearly-new examples for sale at the moment, but the good news is these are within the ?16,000 budget.
Better still, BMW likes to put some of the most powerful six-cylinder diesel engines in a compact car, so drivers can buy a frugal estate but not surrender driving enjoyment. Essentially the same straight-six cylinder diesel engine in two states of tune, the former has 245bhp, the latter 286bhp. At the time of writing, an approved BMW dealer was selling a 2009, 09-reg, 48,000-mile 330d SE automatic for ?15,580, but by contrast buying from an independent dealer or private seller would secure a younger car with fewer miles. U K Insurance Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. There are many examples available now in fact for under as little as £10,000, or about the starting price of a new small car.
The Station Wagon version of the 207 can still be found on the used market, and this low-priced estate offers plenty of value for your money. Fold the rear seats and the loading capacity goes to 428 litres, that’s 112 litres more than the 207 hatchback. The Estate model also boats a versatile cabin and a huge boot, great for moving the family around on a long distance trip. This is more reminiscent of fully-fledged MPVs then estates, but the Peugeot 308 SUV still has distinct estate car styling and more importantly a comfortable, smooth drive. The levels of practicality available in this car can exceed that of much bigger and more premium choices in the new or used family car market. The 90 and 100bhp diesel models are probably the pick of the range but the vRS is well worth a look if you want subtle speed.
The estate versions were launched months after the hatchbacks, and engine choices appeared and disappeared. Thousands of family hatchback owners have traded up to the larger car they thought they couldn't afford. Golf, Bora maybe even a Passat, and when you did crash, the Skoda offers similarly good protection. These days you won't halve a Skoda's value, but you can knock great chunks off an Octavia's residuals by selling it on with a dodgy alternator. Our standard charge for England and Wales is included in your finance quote and you can choose enhanced or longer-distance delivery here. Hugely practical but seriously undervalued, the 1.9-litre CDTi diesels are probably the most appealing of the lot although the 200bhp SRi is definitely worth a look if you need to settle on one car that has to perform a range of functions.
In squaring away the fundamentals well, it offers a wagon that drives small but carries big. Therefore, when they announced an estate version of the Hatch in late 2004, many jumped to the conclusion that it would be something of a half measure. Build quality is leagues ahead of its predecessors, as is the technical excellence of the new engines. It was the first car in its class to feature Continuous Damping Control (CDC), electronically controlled shock absorbers that continuously adapt to the road surface and the driver's style. It has a whopping 695-litre luggage capacity to swallow a child’s pram, luggage for all the family and even the pet pooch. However, the widely available E250 CDI (a four-cylinder turbo diesel) strikes the best blend of performance and fuel efficiency, returning 51mpg, costing ?145 to tax, and zipping from 0-62mph in 7.8seconds. With the lower powered but slightly more fuel efficient E220 CDI you can get a slightly younger 2011 11-reg model with 80,000 miles. This alone would be enough to make them jolly fast, but with so much pulling power as well they really are as quick and responsive as some sports cars. Practical features abound, such as a tailgate where the rear window can be opened independently of the boot lid. They lose very little in terms of driving characteristics, the range includes a tough all-wheel drive variant and they're ruggedly practical as well. Certainly, they're every bit as well put together as a VW Polo or a Golf - a fact confirmed by VW Group in-house surveys. Behind the wheel, the Octavia offers a more solid and confidence inspiring drive than many of its rivals.
With a retail price of over £450, make sure your prospective purchase's alternator is present and correct.
With 1,570 cubic litres of space in the back of the Astra Estate once the rear seats are folded down, this is no marginally useful niche player. It's all part of what Vauxhall dub the Astra's 'Interactive Driving System' (IDS) that can integrate all of the electronic functions in a way that's a good deal cleverer that you might think. Alternators are slightly pricier, nudging the £300 mark, so make sure your prospective purchase is generating a healthy current to its battery.
Fold down the rear seats – using convenient levers just inside the opening of the boot or on the seats themselves – and there is 1950 litres of space. Most cars will be for sale through independent dealers or private sellers, but a handful are available from Mercedes’ own used car programme.
And it’s the bog-standard and cheaper ‘S’ trim level that delivers such efficiency, so you don’t have to pay a king’s ransom to buy a frugal family estate car. For drivers who travel less than 12,000 miles a year, because of the price difference between petrol and diesel, the 1.4 TSI petrol model will be more affordable to run. Now could be a very good time to pick up a well looked after Octavia estate for less than you may expect. Estate versions of models like the Ford Focus, the Vauxhall Astra and the Ford Focus are impressive cars but they're not much use if you want to carry a fridge freezer, a grandfather clock or a couple of Dobermans.

Still, check for wear to loading floors on the estate models and make sure that servicing has been properly carried out.
A clutch assembly is around £215, making these parts of the Skoda ownership experience as upmarket as Volkswagen claim. The Astra Estate offers the sort of carrying capacity that a family of four seek but rarely find in a compact MPV and used examples are less than you might reasonably expect. Insurance is reasonable as you would expect from such a mass market model with groupings ranging from 4 for the 1.4-litre cars to 16 for the racy 200bhp SRi. Aside from obvious body damage, just ensure that the car has been well looked after, insist on a service history and buy with confidence. For example, the ESP stability control system now beefs up the damper forces first before applying the brakes to the front wheels during extreme cornering manoeuvres making for a more sensitive and less intrusive intervention.
The interior feels built to last, but there’s plenty of up-to-the-minute technology on board. The Octavia, in contrast, can, in this guise, carry 548 litres, or 1,512 litres with the split rear seats folded - more than a Peugeot 406, a Vauxhall Vectra or a Renault Laguna. Early 1.8-litre cars had problems with ignition coils but these will largely have been ironed out by now.
Refinement is good, although the smaller diesel engines can become intrusive when worked hard. When Vauxhall announced the Vectra Estate, they used the stretched chassis of the Signum as a basis, this giving excellent load-lugging abilities and ample passenger room. This system organises the rear loading space into separate compartments and now features horizontal side rails in anodised aluminium. The electronic control system that marshals the satellite navigation and stereo system isn't the most intuitive to use, but you will get used to it with perseverance.
Upspec models will also feature a 'Sport' button so that the suspension settings, accelerator and steering response can easily be adapted to the mood of a driver. It drives and holds the road with surprising precision, but never gets uncomfortable on motorway runs. The load space is versatile too, with glide rails embedded into the floor to make loading and unloading easier.
The 4x4 Elegance estate is an interesting piece of kit and opens at £5,800 on a 2001 Y plate. Check the 4x4 Estate for evidence of overly enthusiastic green laning and it's well worth checking tyres, suspension alignment and panel fit on the vRS estate.
They've adopted a similar tack with the Astra Estate, using a stretched version of the Astra Hatch chassis with another nine centimetres stitched into the car's wheelbase and longer rear overhangs to give a fairly spacious luggage compartment. The same can be said of the indicators, which will possibly frustrate you immensely at first. The 90bhp GLX TDi followed, and the range topping 110 bhp SLX TDi was a very desirable compact estate.
Although rivals from Ford, Peugeot and Renault may be able to offer more in the way of total volume, the Vauxhall counters by dint of its sheer practicality.
The diesel-engined models proved very popular with UK buyers, with the 90bhp unit selling in the biggest volumes. As you'd expect from a car of this class, a roll-out cover pulls from a housing attached from the back seat, keeping your valuables out of sight. Early in 2007, the Astra Estate range was slightly revised, with some minor cosmetic visual changes.
An SDi Classic estate was also offered but this is best avoided unless funds are really tight.
Finally, the space-saving arrangement of the rear axle and suspension allows for a surprisingly wide estate compartment - over one metre at the narrowest point between the wheelarches, which could make all the difference.
The vRS is a real ripsnorter and has become a darling of the aftermarket tuning industry, offering easily upgradeable performance. In October 2000, a revised range appeared with new Classic, Ambiente, Elegance and Laurin&Klement trim derivations. The TDi 90 is good enough for most, with a reasonably sedate acceleration figure but a far more salient 43mpg in urban conditions. There were minor interior and exterior styling changes, price reductions and specification improvements. Dirk van Braeckel and his Design Team have created a shape most will feel to be sleek and modern. A TDI 130 diesel followed in the spring of 2003 and summer 2004 saw the second generation Octavia hatch debut. A modern prestigious badge could easily adorn the prominent chrome grille: your neighbours will certainly expect it. This was improved in January 2007-onwards models with an uprated standard 1.6-litre unit and an even faster turbocharged version of the same engine. The 'old' shape estate continued on Skoda's books in 2004 as they awaited the intro of the replacement car readied for early 2005.

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