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Buying or selling a vehicle can be made easier and less risky if you follow the guidelines and tips of the Washington Department of Licensing (DOL).
These helpful hints can give you insight on how to go about purchasing a car, important things to remember, the responsibilities of both buyers and sellers in terms of registration and titling, and informing the DOL of the transaction.
First off, the Washington DOL warns the state's motorists that some unlicensed dealers known as "curbstoners" advertise and sell cars from the street curb by posing as private sellers.
Curbstoners are known for rolling back odometers, selling salvage vehicles without disclosing their status, and other forms of consumer fraud. Buyers must transfer the title into their name within 15 days of buying the vehicle or face a fine of up to $125.
Unlike the title, a vehicle's registration certificate (or lack thereof) has no bearing on a sale.

You will likely need a bill of sale form whenever you buy a vehicle from, or sell one to, another person. I acknowledge that DMV.org is a privately-owned Web site that is not owned or operated by any state government agency.
DMV.org is a privately owned website that is not owned or operated by any state government agency.
Invite your neighbors and friends to utilize SeeClickFix so they can post, vote, and comment on issues in your neighborhood and city. Transactions with these unlicensed car sellers are not protected the way sales with licensed dealers are.
Processing takes up to 10 weeks, so you'll want to initiate this process well before you plan to sell the car.

Neither the seller nor the buyer needs the registration in hand to consummate a sales transaction. If you're the current owner and you can't find the title to the vehicle you wish to sell, you must visit a vehicle licensing office and complete an Affidavit in Lieu of Title form (this cannot be downloaded). You will receive a separate email when your request has been closed by the servicing agency.
The use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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