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In this disorder, patients have an abnormality in glycoprotein 1b, a platelet membrane receptor that binds von Willebrand factor. The platelets in this disorder have abnormal or deficient glycoprotein IIB-IIIa, a platelet membrane receptor which binds fibrinogen.
During training in the diff bench, I was told that if confronted with if I have to report out a large platelet or giant platelet, just report either a large or giant but not both.
The process of blood coagulation has two distinct stages of hemostasis: primary hemostasis and secondary hemostasis.
People with von Willebrand disease (VWD) have an insufficient amount of VWF protein in the blood, or VWF that is defective. Humate-P is contraindicated in individuals with a history of anaphylactic or severe systemic response to antihemophilic factor or von Willebrand factor preparations. Monitor for intravascular hemolysis and decreasing hematocrit values in patients with A, B, and AB blood groups who are receiving large or frequent doses.

In patients receiving Humate-P in clinical studies for treatment of VWD, the most commonly reported adverse reactions (reported by >5% of subjects) were allergic-anaphylactic reactions, including urticaria, chest tightness, rash, pruritus, and edema. The information provided here is primarily intended for use by physicians and other healthcare professionals in the United States.
This means that the platelets have a difficult time binding to the subendothelium when necessary. I know a woman with Glanzmann thrombasthenia within one month hematology ward who was really near to dementia of course not for severe bleeding or even bleeding but for cosmetic reasons!! Humate-P is also indicated in adult and pediatric patients with von Willebrand disease (VWD) for (1) treatment of spontaneous and trauma-induced bleeding episodes, and (2) prevention of excessive bleeding during and after surgery. Also monitor VWF:RCo and FVIII levels in VWD patients, especially those undergoing surgery. Caution should be exercised and antithrombotic measures considered, particularly in patients with risk factors for thrombosis.

The risk of transmission of infectious agents, including viruses and, theoretically, the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) agent, cannot be completely eliminated. For patients undergoing surgery, the most common adverse reactions are postoperative wound or injection-site bleeding, and epistaxis. The CSL Behring product listed may not have been approved in other countries and may not be available everywhere.
This applies to patients with severe VWD, and patients with mild and moderate VWD for whom use of desmopressin is known or suspected to be inadequate.Humate-P is not indicated for the prophylaxis of spontaneous bleeding episodes.

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