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Shipham Motor Group is recognised as the original and the leading Volvo Specialists in North Somerset and South Bristol for Service & Sales, Volvo Parts. Based in the attractive village of Shipham near Cheddar in Somerset, we are a family run business established in 1987.
The event was held earlier in the week at the lavish Oyster Box hotel and surrounds of Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal as the exclusive 2015 VCSA Dealer of the Year (DOTY) awards saw the country’s finest Volvo Car dealerships rewarded for their unabated efforts in 2015.
An annual event, DOTY seeks to recognise and reward the Volvo Car dealer network in Southern Africa for their dedication and commitment to the Volvo brand as well as customer service.
The Aftersales Dealer of the Year award measures eight business areas, with ultimate focus placed on CSI. Of course, the Overall Dealer of the Year award is the ultimate, and combines the sales and aftersales scores to find that dealership which performs exceptionally well in both areas of the business in order to achieve the prestige of the overall title. The S90 benefits from the same engine technology and modular, highly flexible platform (known as SPA) that underpins the XC90. Scandinavian design is renowned for its striking simplicity; objects should appear as if they have been carved from one solid piece of material. While the looks of competitors (such as the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class) draw heavily from their siblings (C- and S-Class, in the case of the former), the Volvo S90 is very much its own car. In 2017, Volvo will launch the more affordable front-wheel-drive D4 and T5 models, as well as the R-Design edition, with the T8 Hybrid to follow at a later stage. South Africans certainly like one kind of estate, the sort where you’d play a round of golf or keep a horse.
However, we will see the Cross Country version of the estate, which will feature a toughened exterior and a raised ride height.
The S90 has a hewn-from-solid design and the theme extends to the sedan's refined driving experience.
It is immediately noticeable that things have changed for the S90, although it must be said that all test units on this launch were fitted with optional air suspension. Whatever the methodology, the effort on the part of the Volvo engineering team seems to have paid off. Power from both engines runs through an 8-speed automatic gearbox, which, for the record, was the best kind of gearbox: I barely knew it was there. On-road, the S90 feels more like a GT than a sedan, it's well-suited to long-distance journeys.

Volvo has upgraded their autonomous driving system to now operate at speeds up to 130 kph without a lead vehicle. Debuting on the S90 D5 is a new technology from Volvo that aims to eliminate, or at least reduce, one of the more frustrating aspects of driving modern diesel engines: turbo lag.
In theory, it’s brilliant, and Volvo says it is cheaper and more energy-efficient than electrically-aided turbochargers which other manufacturers are pursuing.
The super-supportive, super-comfy front seats are carried over from the XC90 into the sedan.
The dashboard design will be familiar to anyone who has peered into or driven an XC90 – the same steering wheel, instrument binnacle and uncluttered fascia are present, as well as a slightly smaller version of the revolutionary vertically-orientated touchscreen.
Ciro started his first car website at the age of 19 and promptly dented his first ever test car. Along with our dedicated team of staff we have built and maintained a superb customer service and excellent reputation. As the most human-centric automotive brand in the world, Volvo Cars constantly seeks to improve the experience of the consumer. The Sales Dealer of the Year award measures nine different business areas including audit scores, Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI), three Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) measurements and the financials – with achieved sales volume as a percentage of the target used as the main measurement criterion. Evaluating a combination of sales, aftersales and parts and accessories objective achievements, the Most-improved Dealer of the Year award provides a holistic view on dealer success. The S90 is a bold new executive sedan with its targets set firmly on the German opposition. But set against the backdrop of earthy Spanish architecture, the latest Volvo, in an unearthly metallic blue, stands out as chiselled, confident and thoroughly modern.
This S90 achieves this thanks, in part, to a strong shoulder line which runs the length of the car, connecting headlights to taillights.
But motoring consumers in this country simply do not buy station wagons, and so Volvo has seen no reason to bring the V90 Estate into the country. Expect this to be an even more luxurious and spacious version of the Volvo V60 Cross Country that we currently have on long-term test.
Regardless, Volvo will run a fleet of 100 fully autonomous cars in Gothenberg in 2017 as a pilot project.
They are a highlight: offering a wide range of adjustment and no fewer than 4 massage functions, the seats provide near-perfect lumbar support.

Operating the screen does not at all feel like a chore, but when on the move it becomes a little difficult to successfully jab the desired button without taking your eyes off the road. It faces competitors such as the Jaguar XF, Lexus GS, Mercedes E-Class, Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series. It is without a doubt the boldest expression yet of everything this resurgent company believes in. We think this is an enormous pity; the V90 looks elegant and offers hugely-increased practicality.
It manages to walk that tricky tight rope of offering a compliant, cloud-like ride while not wallowing in the corners. It handles road imperfections very well and embodies the necessary characteristics to devour long journeys, replete with minimal road noise intrusion and a comfortable interior.
Combined with radar-guided cruise control, the system senses slower moving vehicles with enough time to brake gently and bring the car to a safe following distance. Behind my co-driver, who was just over six-foot tall, there was an almost comical amount of legroom. The Volvo might make some headway while we await the arrival of the new 5 Series, and in South Africa at least, smaller sales of the XF and GS should not be of huge concern. In a segment where buyers are looking to make a statement with their choice of vehicle, the S90 is genuinely distinctive.
I don’t think I would describe the handling as overtly sporty, but body-roll is kept in check and enthusiastic driving is quite rewarding, especially in the powerful T6 turbopetrol model.
From my experience, I would say the system works best while on the move, say from 60 kph, which, importantly, makes overtaking much easier and smoother. There was an opportunity to drive the V90 Estate, but for reasons about to be explained, there was no reason to. The boot is deep and wide enough to easily swallow two full-size suitcases, with space above and in front to spare.

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