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Although every attempt has been made to ensure the following listings are as accurate as possible, errors may have occurred.
Errors that may have occurred will make it obvious if an attempt is made to copy the above piece of work. Mitski Miyawaki, known mononymously as Mitski, is a DIY singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, NY. Vinyl Mag: The classification DIY is often associated in interviews with you, but there’s never a clear definition given. My DIY has always been a fundamental ethos, that you build something for yourself out of nothing, something sturdy that you can rely on, with your own hands. VM: Your most recent LP Bury Me at Makeout Creek captured a lot of attention from music publications, were you surprised that it took so long for national publications to find out about you, or did you not expect for this record to be the one that accomplished that? VM: Your social media is very honest, something that most artists would steer clear of; how do you think that it’s helped you establish a core fanbase? VM: The record had tinges of punk in it, is that a direction that you see yourself going into or was that just sort of what you were into during the recording process? VM: You recently uploaded a cover of a One Direction song “Fireproof,” a lot of indie musicians would scoff at the idea of covering a boy band, but what was it about the song that really connected with you? Mitski: I liked the lyrics, I liked the melody, and I felt like I could successfully put my own spin on it.

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She released her first record LUSH just three years ago, and her most recent LP bury me at makeout creek didn’t take long to capture the attention of music critics for its raw and unabashed approach to production and songwriting.
As an ethos it will always exist, and as an ethos I hope I will always follow it, but what is punk in ethos today cannot sound like the punk of before. The record – produced by Patrick Hyland — is a special fusion of post-punk with its squealing guitars, shredding synths and Miyawaki’s melodies. As a specific sound or genre, punk as we recognize it can now only exist as reference, which directly counters the mentality from which the sounds were born. Evernew Railing Systems are made by Certainteed Corporation, a leader in building products since 1904.

This week, she played several showcases at CMJ Music Marathon in New York and spoke with Vinyl about what exactly DIY is as a genre and the disappearing venues for other DIY musicians. These are all valid definitions, and are all reasons I’ve been associated with DIY in the past. That’s also why I think the most DIY music out there by how I define it is made by pockets of rap communities in the US.
I sent it to publications, played shows relentlessly, eventually hired management, and I did the work to have it be heard. They build their own movements, hold their own parties and shows that draw thousands, put out mixtape after mixtape outside of the rules of the whole industry album cycle, and thrive completely by themselves, for themselves, self-sufficiently. There was nothing that sounded so rough, distorted, minimal, and confidently amateurish, and the very point was that it wasn’t referencing anything from the past (or it did its best not to), and that it sounded like the opposite of the majority of sound being consumed in that era.
I think Prince was DIY in the same way, hosting shows in warehouses and creating a whole musical world that people could inhabit, at times playing every single instrument in his records, and becoming a legend before ever signing with major labels. So when bands today follow the same musical formats, fashions, and aesthetics of punk from when it was a phenomenon, they will forever be punk cover bands, because the fact that they’re following formats that were made before, already puts them in opposition to why those sounds were made in the first place.

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