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Robbie from Spring, Texas, United States made available these photos of this 1939 Harley WLDD Flathead 45. According to Robbie this vintage HD is 90% original and this 45 cubic inch engine has never been rebuilt. This website is a fansite and is not in any way affiliated with the Harley Davidson Motor Company.
The names Harley, Harley Davidson, HD, Sportster, Softail and Evolution are only used for reference.
This website, including but not limited to all of its individual pages, photographs, art, text and information, is meant for your personal use only.
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Is it possible to be a car enthusiast and not have at least a little bit of affection for Morgan?
As if the 3 Wheeler did not draw enough attention when driven, you can order it with a variety of fighter plane inspired graphics, though, thankfully, this one doesn’t have the offered fake bullet holes.
Technically speaking, they haven’t put the vintage Morgan three wheeler back into production.
Instead of the JA Prestwich or Matchless engines fitted to vintage 3 Wheelers, the new 3 Wheeler has an 1800cc S&S V-twin more commonly found in custom Harley Davidsons and as with many modern Harleys it has a belt drive to the single back wheel. Under the skin, the new Morgan 3 Wheeler is actually quite modern, well, except for those kingpins. This 3 Wheeler is now completed at the Morgan Factory and is immediately avaIable for purchase.
If you’d like to see these three wheelers in three dimensions, stereo versions compatible with most 3D formats are available at Cars In Depth. Ronnie Schreiber edits Cars In Depth, a realistic perspective on cars & car culture and the original 3D car site. I see the S&S engine as being perfectly in harmony with those old Brit V-Twins that Morgan used back in the day. Scrambling for a piece of the motorcycle sales pie that Ducati and Triumph have created with their retro Scramblers, Yamaha has unveiled its SCR950.

The company’s new old-looking bike, an attempt to create relevance among young urban consumers, is only new on the outside.
That means the SCR950 uses the Bolt’s 942cc air-cooled V-Twin engine, five-speed transmission and belt drive.
That’s within distance of the 800cc Ducati Scrambler’s $8,495, and the 865cc Triumph Scramber’s $9,400.
Yamaha also unveiled a bigger, brawnier FZ this week, taking the wraps off its FZ-10, a bigger brother to the FZ-07 and FZ-09. The naked liter bike features a titanium muffler, and comes with ABS, cruise control and a four-setting traction control system.
Call them anachronistic or replicas of themselves, but I don’t think you can like cars and not at least smile a little bit when you see a Morgan. JB knows a lot more about understeer and oversteer than I ever will know and undoubtedly has cornered hard enough to lift an inside front wheel in a four-wheeled vehicle, let alone one with only three. It belongs to the local Detroit Morgan dealer, Auto Europe and it was photographed at the 2012 Concours of America at St. That front suspension and motorcycle style front tires allow for a lot of body roll and camber change before you start losing tire contact with the road.
A 3 wheeler is actually more stable than a 4 wheeler if the weight distribution is heavily biased towards the end with 2 wheels.
Yamaha’s popular city cruiser supplies a well-tested engine, power train, frame and suspension elements for this new machine. The SCR gets a 17-inch rear wheel, to the Bolt’s 16-inch, and has a slightly tighter rake and slightly longer wheelbase. is not affiliated with Honda, Honda Motorcycles or Honda USA in any way.
If the Morgan in question has less than four wheels, that smile likely becomes a wide grin. Actually it’s based on a modern tube frame design by Ace Cycle Car of Seattle, which had been making three wheeler replicas under license from Morgan.
Quaife Engineering supplies a custom rack & pinion unit for the steering and the bevel drive that connects the inline driveshaft with the belt drive.

The navigation system is a map, well, if you can find someplace to stash it, since there isn’t a glove box or, apparently, any other interior storage. Since there’s a waiting list for new Morgans my guess is that someone canceled their order and a M3W has become available.
Please let me know if you would like it and I cna give you wiring instructions or accept a check and forward payment immediately to the MMC. If the 3D thing freaks you out, don’t worry, it’s not a plot to get you to buy yet another new television set. I mentioned the JAP and Matchless engines that were fitted to the original M3Ws, both were V-Twins. Ace was so successful that Morgan bought them out and moved production to the UK, where the three wheeler is currently assembled, using Morgan’s traditional hand-formed bodywork that hangs metal panels on an ash wood frame.
Based on the local Morgan dealer’s first demo unit, fit and finish appears to be very good, even if those of the hand beaten body panels that are intended to be removable seem a bit fiddly. The S&S motor is air-cooled, so that chrome radiator shell is a prop and under the front cowling there is some minimal storage. With a waiting list and their construction methods, it wouldn’t be far from truth to say that every Morgan is bespoke. Before that concours, Auto Europa had graciously given me access to the car while it was being prepped (though, sadly, I didn’t get to drive it). A Harley style V-Twin is about as close as you’re going to get to one of those engines.
The automotive style rear tire is mounted on an alloy rim and the much larger diameter motorcycle style front tires have period correct wire spoke motorcycle wheels. Degree of difficulty for ingress and egress might exceed that of even the Lotus Elise, and if you’re used to driving Vipers and Cobras you might know how to avoid burns from the exposed exhaust system.

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