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Non of the numbers H21437 or TF17920 are listed as a unit-construction in the book, and I am not sure what You mean with the "dual amal carb motor number"? It looks to be fairly complete, I cannot see any instuments, and you are welcome and advised to come and sort through the parts to see what is missing. We think the frame and engine numbers are correct for 1946, but there is no paperwork with this bike, sorry. It all appears to be in good condition, although I noticed the fork shrouds are rusty, and it will make a desirable and valuable motorcycle when restored.

In the 1970’s some of these individuals found a new way of expressing their independent cosmic nature by having murals painted on the side of their vans. The marketing geniuses at the big three automobile companies in the United States producing vans at the time Ford, Chevy and Dodge, all attempted to cash in on the craze with mixed results.
In the 1980’s the Custom Van movement began to loose momentum as the new conversion van started to hit the market.
When this group got a little older they continued to express their psychedelic free loving nature through the type of clothing they wore, the type of music they enjoyed and the type of art they liked.

These love wagons were somewhat cheep, easy to maintain and great for luggin a van full of stoners to the next Iron Butterfly Concert.
Because of them we get to admire or laugh at the great adds that they produced in this era.

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