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Ladies and Gentlemen (drivers), you might be looking at the first aftermarket rims placed on a Ferrari FF, with the Grand Tourer being fitted with a set of HRE Wheels. The FF received HRE P45SC Conical rims, which are made from aerospace-grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum, using a one-piece construction. The rims were fitted by HG Motorsports and the photo shoot of the vehicle was made close to the coast of Southern California, a perfect location for such a car.
Provenance: -Five Brothers Rare Toy Estate, The core of the collection was actually established in the 1950s by the father (from Indiana) of the adult sons who are consignors to the May sale.
This unique 6C 2500 SS is the second of three race cars designed and built by the Alfa Romeo racing department in 1948 and is the only surviving example. To view video captures of scenes which did not air in the original release of The Outsiders click here.

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It ran in four consecutive Mille Miglia from 1948 to 1951 and in a total of seventeen races throughout its career, winning three, coming in second five times and third seven times. We have to tell you that we like the simple design of the rims, mainly thanks to the fact that this doesn’t interfere with the complex lines of the FF.
They began stuffed toy manufacturing in 1942 and then in 1945 began producing highly stylized and art inspired line of die cast toy cars and other vehicles. Each took a different approach to building his collection, but the one important thing they had in common was a love of vintage American toys, primarily of the boomer era. Owned by several European collectors, it went unseen for a long period until it ran again in the Mille Miglia retrospective in 1984.

Produced from 1939 until 1951, the 6C 2500 was the last of Alfa's famous six cylinder cars. For this reason, the later 6C 2500s, especially the elegant Villa d'Este model, were considered the end of an era for Alfa.

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