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The city, 150 km (93 mi) from Rome, is situated between the highest mountains of the Apennines (Gran Sasso d’Italia) and the Adriatic coast. In Roman times, Teramo was called Interammnia (city between two rivers), as it's crossed by the Tordino and the Vezzola rivers.
Today its monuments testify its different domination, from Francesco Sforza to Alfonso d'Aragona, from the Spanish and the French to the Realm of Naples in the XIX century. The church along with the inner cloister was re-opened in September 1900 raising on a Benedectine convent, is also sightworthy.
Another relevant masterpiece is the silver canopy of Nicola da Guardiagrele, which took 15 years to be built (from 1433 to 1448).
The Basilica Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and Saint Berardo is the most important piece of art in Teramo. The construction began in 1158 under the wish of the bishop Guido II, because he was eager to have a new location for San Berardo da Pagliara memorabilia. The tower built in 11th and 12th centuries has three bells and it is 165 ft (50.29 m) nigh. In 1514 it hosted the queen Joan II of Naples, she went there to admire a precious crucifix that was said to contain a thorn from the crown of Jesus Christ.

Sor Paolo -The archaeologists and the historians think it is a statue of an ancient powerful Roman patrician, the citizens of Teramo just think of him as Sor Paolo or rather Gnore Paule in dialect. In his left-hand people stuffed satires and letters of complaint about the city’s most powerful people.
The Roman theater was built at the beginning of the 2nd century, under the rule of the emperor Hadrian. After the demolition of Palazzo Adamoli planned for 2011, the theatre will rediscover its first glory.
The masterpiece was described through the poetic lines of famous poet Gabriele D’Annunzio. It is believed that in the Middle Age it was used as a castle or a fortress to protect the city.
The Lion Mosaic (Mosaico del leone) - It is by far the symbol of the archeological history of Teramo. Found in 1891 during the construction of the grand Palazzo Savini, the mosaic underwent centuries of dampness. However, due to the impeccable work of restoration specialists it still is a perfect representation of the works of urban archeology.

The value of the masterpiece proves that a long time ago the city had an important tradition and a real school for the masters of mosaic. Today it’s still possible to meet young craftsmen who are studying the art of mosaic according to the rules of the ancient Rome master. Convitto Nazionale in Piazza Dante - Some think that it is not the most beautiful palace in Teramo, but that it is the entire square. Majestic, stunning like a Roman monastery it is the centre of Convitto Nazionale and Liceo Classico. It is indeed one of the few places where it is possible to reach, both the sunny beaches of the Adriatic sea and the snow covered Gran Sasso peaks, in less than half an hour from the city centre. The legend tells that a beautiful Spanish lady had the mission of killing the men who had loved her the night before. She stole their souls immediately after, so no-one would have evidence of the passion of her nights.

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