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Use this tool to discover new associated keyword & suggestions for the search term Vino Rosso. These are some of the images that we found for within the public domain for your "Vino Rosso" keyword. This location close to the sea, on the sunny hills reaching 150m above sea level, on fine gravel soil, favours the quality of various kinds of wine with specific bouquets, aromas and characteristics. This carefully selected wine, chosen to complement the food we serve, contributes to an overall experience of flavour and satisfaction. The vines growing on these hilly locations enjoy sunshine, fresh air, little exposure to disease, winter frosts, spring chills, fog or damp, and these factors influence the quality of the wine.

The strength of a wine should match the food it accompanies a€“ in other words, the wine and the food should complement each other perfectly. The soil on the south side of PeljeA?ac, in the Postup region, is scant and produces fewer grapes, but these are of far higher quality. This is why we recommend Postup as an accompaniment to many red meats, game dishes, oily fish and piquant cheese dishes.
They are grown freely, low on the vine, without support, pruned close and gathered by hand. The better the harmony of the vinesa€™ position above sea level, their situation, exposure to sunshine and the lie of the land, in this pleasant climate and micro-climate, the better the wine.

So the end product is a strong, full, red wine with a luxurious bouquet and aroma, a delicate flavour and a ruby red colour.

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