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Whether you're an advanced vine-maker or an Android user who just adopted the platform, there's always room for something different. People have already used the six-second video-making app in a ton of clever ways — even marriage proposals and resumes.
While the platform is certainly a great place for comedy and creativity, perhaps you're experiencing a little viner's block lately.
Holding your phone up to the sun, or blocking the shot with a black screen gives vine content a dramatic reveal. Musicians will start with a single loop of sound, then other users chime in with their own beat.
Twitter updated its 6-second video sharing app Vine today, bringing the iOS client to version 3.4. Since its inception, or close to it, users have been able to search Vine for users and hashtags, but this returned extremely limited results, and made it nearly impossible to discover or track down older, popular videos.

Honestly, as a long-time Vine user I’ve been waiting for proper search for a long time. Twitter's Charlie Love used a photo of the exact same frame to make his vine appear endless.
If you really want to challenge yourself by making a vine as impressive as Meagan Cignoli's, you'll need a tripod to avoid a jumpy loop.
Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey uses this technique to show off a beautiful morning in San Francisco. Adam Goldberg has a way of leaving users wanting more, with his perfect loops and experimental effects.
Filmmaker KC James is known for his epic recoveries, so Jerome Jarr decided to give it a try.
Start with a busy scene, like Padgham did above, then make subtle changes and ask followers to spot the differences.

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If it doesn’t show up for you right away, close the app, or try deleting it altogether and reinstalling (I had to do). The team has been busy with other things recently, though, upgrading video resolution to 720p and enabling support for offline playback of your favorite clips. The "Late Night Vine" or #LNV is a popular trend started by Ry Doon that often consists of a black screen. Most of the Vine community would be flattered if you copy them, as long as you give credit.

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