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Way back when, Twitter very clearly stated the minimum age requirement for anyone signing up for a new account on the social network: 13.
Twitter doesn’t ask your age when you sign up, but Facebook does, and on Facebook the minimum age requirement is a hard and fast 13.
Check the visual below for more social media minimum age requirements, which comes courtesy of Linneyville. 342A logo represents a branda€™s identity and an ultimate source of visual recognition among its customers. That is why successful businesses market their products and services with unique and appealing brand logos. So, instead of a hastily designed afterthought, it should rather look distinctive, practical and appropriate in every manner. Today wea€™ve gathered a short list of cool logo designs of popular tech companies, products and services that are sure to inspire you. Republic of Gamers (or ROG) is a famous product line of PC gaming hardware components, including GPU, motherboards and laptops, manufactured by Asus.

Known for its sophisticated design and use of high quality material, Vaio is Sonya€™s sub-brand of computers, mostly its notebooks lineup. The seventh generation video games console from Microsoft that earned international notoriety for its red ring of death. Besides having Creative, ASRock and OCZ under its belt, this catchy pseudo-turned-popular-gaming-brand sports a ravishing logo. Another brilliantly designed logo representing the company which is renowned for its high-end PC gaming peripherals.
If youa€™re a PC gaming fan, chances are your desktop is powered by one of Nvidiaa€™s graphical processing units. Popular video-looping and sharing app for mobile and web, Vine lets you record and share six-second videos which automatically loop on playback just like GIF files.
It’s the same number on Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Snapchat and Secret, too. Microsoft, Sony, Twitter, Google a€“ these tech giants know how to impress their customers with cool logo designs.

You can also subscribe by Email and recieve latest articles directly in your inbox for free. A tech geek at heart and technology journalist at well established blogs like AddictiveTips and GSMNation. Some platforms, such as YouTube, WeChat and Kik, have a minimum age required of 18, although kids aged 13-17 can signup with parent’s permission. We regularly publish app reviews, previews, how toa€™s, and other cool stuff that aims to make your life easier, entertaining and more productive. If we become aware that a child under 13 has provided us with personal information, we take steps to remove such information and terminate the child’s account.

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